Affordable White Wine for a Party

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Affordable White Wine for a Party With holiday party season in full swing, we're all searching for wines that offer some complexity and interest without breaking the bank or asking too much of guests. Some wines, even inexpensive wines at that, can be quite profound in the way they reveal their terroir or express a grape's character. In order for these wines to be appreciated for those traits, the drinker has to be aware of them!

We kid ourselves when we think that everyone cares about wine the way we do. The truth is, wine is most looked upon as a fun beverage that can be delicious. How many times have your dining companions' eyes glazed over when you started talking about the clones used for some great wines and the way that expresses the ancient alluvial soils so clearly?

We get it, you'e a wine master, that's great. Really it is, but no one cares, at least no one at this party. Find something that's tasty and let's cut class short. These are what I'm exploring today. Nothing fancy, just affordable whites from Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Want to know if I found anything worth recommending? Read on my friends, read on!

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