Australia Wine Bosses Release Plan To Boost Oz Success


Australia's governing wine body has decided its time to step up the wine game Down Under.
In a strategic plan released earlier yesterday, the Australian Wine and Grape Authority (AGWA)announced it plans to increase demand for Australian wines and also to increase their wines' competitiveness in the global wine market, AGWA Chair Brian Walsh said in the plan's introductory section.
“We will focus on increasing both the demand and the premium paid for Australia wine, and increasing our cost competitiveness,” Walsh said. 
Bumping up premiums and stoking demand, he said, means taking into consideration the price diversity the country's wine offerings.
“Acknowledging such diversity brings clarity to identifying key challenges ahead and prioritising our efforts to deliver the greatest returns to the whole grape and wine community,” he said.
The AGWA plans to increase demand by promoting the country's fine wines, which will benefit both top-flight winemakers and winemakers who produce more affordable quaffers.
“Fine wines are driven by the imperative of the best possible quality and they include the best wines imaginable,” Walsh said introduction. “This focus will deliver a halo benefit for the entire grape and wine community and our global promotion activities should reflect this belief.”
Later in the document, the AGWA discussed its specific plans to create demand and to raise premiums.
As stated in the introductory section, focus on fine wines will be one of the plan's main components, the AGWA wrote.
“Our promotional message must be centered on the quality of our fine wines, supported by performance data such as results at key domestic and international wine shows and reviews from respected influencers,” the paper said.
Additionally, the AGWA concluded, compliance with winemaking and labeling requirements will remain a “key component”.
To boost competitiveness, the AGWA plans to continue to invest in their research and development. 
“We will invest in data sets throughout the supply chain to increase our understanding of our international competitiveness across the fine wine and branded and commodity wine segments and of the market dynamics of each of these wine types in all markets,” the AGWA said.
The strategic plan also included anticipated AGWA priorities, including how to manage the impact of inclement weather, how to handle bio-security threats, how to manage pests and diseases, continued investment “in improved vineyard and winery performance,” continued free-trade dialogue, to continue the wine and health debate, and to recruit talented people to their wine industry, the paper said.
According to Australia's ABC news outlet, public submissions in response to the plan are open until the twentieth of February.

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