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Great Austrian Reds Austrian wine! Who’d have thought we’d be talking about Austrian wine in 2010, particularly red wines from Austria? The truth is most of us had no idea these wines even existed a decade ago, and that’s not our fault. There were scant examples in the marketplace and little impetus to add more. But the truth, as we have seen it, is that Austrian reds can be great wines and, even more surprisingly, they can be great wines for Thanksgiving!

The surge in interest in Austrian wines can pretty much be attributed to the popularity of Grüner Veltliner, and the Internet. Without the Internet, Grüner Veltliner may very well have remained a fringe wine, favored by sommeliers and wine geeks everywhere, but kept from the mainstream by the slow flow of old media. But this is not an article on the power of new media, rather the amazingly persuasive quality of the new Austrian wine industry!

So, what’s the deal with Austria and why am I suggesting red wines with difficult names from a small mountainous country in the middle of Europe, where they not only don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but don’t even eat turkey? Though I do hear Turkish food is popular!

Well, the bottom line is that these wines, this group of reds from Austria, are remarkable food-friendly wines that are crisp and refreshing, sure to complement your meal and not try to overpower it. Pairing these wines with your meal will be a victory by submission, not a knockout!

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  • Austria is becoming an increasingly important wine-producing country in central Europe with an annual production of about 30 million cases, 30% more than Germany.

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