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Not only wine lovers, but cartoon lovers, will appreciate this site, run by respected Australian wine critic Philip White and featuring the striking work of award-winning South Australian cartoonist George Grainger Aldridge.

Here, White investigates how a diverse range of issues, such as sustainability, geology, logistics, and taxes, affect the current state and future of the Australian wine business. Recent posts have focused on prestigious McLaren Vale wineries losing ground, literally, to housing developments and taking the protest to local and state government.

Drinkster's companion site, Drankster (gotta love these names), is a showcase for his collection of tasting notes that are in-depth and evocative (it's no surprise that he was formerly a poet).  

The Wall Street Journal
's Alice Feiring has given it the stamp of approval, ranking it second in her top five wine sites in the world. Second? As White succinctly puts it: "Damn!"   

Visit Drinkster to read more.

Nectar Tasting Room and Wine Blog

Wine blogger Josh Wade is taking readers along for the ride as he sets up Nectar Tasting Room, with recent reports detailing his battle with City Hall in Spokane, Washington. The impressive multi-tasker has just created Spokane Wine Magazine, in order to spread the word about the region's underrated wineries.  

His experience with social media and marketing shows, with recent posts including "Does Going Pro Mean the End of Credibility?" and "Ten Blogging Mistakes I Learned in Year One."

No idea how he finds the sweet time to do this, but also on the smartly designed site are wine reviews, videos with winemakers in Spokane, a series of interviews with Wineries on Twitter, and even reviews on coffee houses in Spokane.

Visit Nectar Tasting Room and Wine Blog to read more.

East Coast Wineries

Carlo DeVito has got the East Coast of the U.S. covered. The author of East Coast Wineries: A Complete Guide from Maine to Virginia, DeVito offers interesting interviews with winemakers and industry leaders from these regions, with recent posts on Va La Vineyards, in Pennsylvania, and Christopher Parker, Founder & Managing Director of New Horizon Wines Ltd, who champions Virginia wine.

Blogging since 2005, he writes about the history of the vineyards, retail initiatives and issues affecting the East Coast, punctuated by wine reviews and lots of photos. His passion for, and knowledge of, the East shows and makes for easy reading.

Visit East Coast Wineries to read more.

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  • Your site is missing the best wine values in the world; South America

    The only knowledgeable book on the subject you never mention!! Why?


    Review it and open you mind to what is the fastest growing sector in world wide wine sales!!

    Nov 28, 2010 at 6:31 PM

  • Thankyou for your reasoned appreciation of DRINKSTER and DRANKSTER, which have languished a little in recent months due to a savage tropical illness that made a large mess of my energies. But now I am well again, I shall be feeding both sites more vigorously, and promise to keep you fed with the Down Under news that you won't read anywhere else. Especially in Australia. As for poetry, let me assure you that I still commit this crime, but with more fierce intent than before. Keep the Faith!

    Nov 28, 2010 at 10:09 PM

  • Snooth User: Catherine Gin
    Hand of Snooth
    592568 297

    Philip, this is a bit of a delayed response, but many thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear of your recent illness (sounds nasty!) and glad you have recovered. Looking forward to the revival of your sites, and to more of your poetic prose.

    Dec 02, 2010 at 8:04 PM

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