Mandela's Granddaughter Launches Wine Label, Calls For Diversity in South Africa's Industry


Continuing her grandfather's famous legacy of change, Nelson Mandela's Granddaughter Tukwini has launched a line of sustainable wines in an effort to further elevate the repuration of South Africa, a country which has endured years of social unrest.
“After (Mandela's) death in 2013, the Mandela family sought to create ways to keep the legacy of the name alive,” wrote Houston-based Boom 92's editor Danielle Young. “No one would have ever expected the Mandela family name to be attached to wine but Nelson's ... granddaughter created House of Mandela wines.”
According to Young, the company's mission is to give a “positive and passionate contribution to society.”
Young met with Mandela's granddaughter at a South African restaurant in Harlem.
Tukwini said the motive behind the Mandela-named wine is two-fold: to carry on the legacy of the family name and to push South African wines to the top of the world wine heap.
According to Tukwini, the family's last name dates back to a line of kings and queens who had descendant named Mandela.
“We carry the name of that ancestor and we know the values of that house,” she said. “So it's all about carrying the family's name forward; the legacy, lineage and making sure that name survives into eternity.”
In the winery's pursuit of excellence is a sense in which they want their wines to not only be delicious, but serve as a point of conversation.
“We want people to talk about a lot of social issues whether it’s an ancestor that made a difference in people's lives or how they feel they can contribute to the betterment of society, how they can create an impact by doing small things because ultimately it's not about doing big things.” she said.
Tukwini also said she hopes the wine can the interest of South Africans who may not yet be into wine.
“Everyone should be able to enjoy a great glass of wine,” she said. “It's a great lifestyle drink and even though South Africa creates copious amounts of wine, we're not necessarily a wine drinking country, we're more of a brown spirits type of country.”
Tukwini also said she hopes the new wine label will inspire black women to start their own wineries.
“I am hoping that young Black women will enter the wine industry and will have their own businesses,” she said. “There aren't many Black female owned wineries in South Africa. I can actually count them on my hand because I know most of them.
“We want a more diverse wine industry because with diversity comes a lot of new ideas. It's a proven fact. So it would be great for us to encourage that. You have to be incredibly brave.”

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