Move Over, Kiddo: Aussie Elders Outdrink Under-30's in Wine


If you live in Australia and you're over 30, there's a decent chance you're much more of a wine maven than your younger counterparts.
According to a survey release by Roy Morgan Research, nearly 5 out of 10 Australian's 30 years or older said they'd had a drink of wine in the past four weeks. Only about 3 out of 10 drinkers aged 30 or younger could say the same.
“Young people are often portrayed as binge-drinkers in the media, but our latest data shows that slightly more Australians aged 30 and older drink alcohol in an average four weeks than their younger counterparts,” Roy Morgan Research Group Account Director Angela Smith said. “However, it should be noted that this result primarily reflects the comparatively high proportion of Australians 30+ who consume wine.”
The results also show that 69 percent of 30-or-over drinkers had at least one alcoholic drink in the past four weeks compared to 66 percent of 30-and-unders. 
Though the older crowd drank the younger crowd under the table when it came to wine, the younger sippers took the crown in the other six categories: beer, cider, ready-to-drink, white spirits, dark spirits and rum.
The beer category was close, with the youngsters hitting the can 39 percent of the time in the past month in comparison to 36 percent of older drinkers.
However, the kids obliterated the post-30ers in the cider category, pounding more than twice the amount of the drink than their counterparts: 20 percent to 8 percent, the study showed. 
Another interesting statistic in the survey was the rum category, where younger drinkers quaffed more than twice as often as the elders. Roy Morgan attributed the disparity to marketing.
“Rum is an interesting example, with brands like Sailor Jerry and Kraken raising their profile among this demographic recently with their youth-focused, hipsterised branding and increased availability in nightclubs and bars,” Roy Morgan said.
The survey also explored where Australians drink. According to Roy Morgan, all drinkers like to quaff at home but the young bucks like to head out for a drink now and then.
“While the most popular place for both age group to partake is in the comfort of their own home, Aussies under 30 are much likelier than those aged 30+ to drink 'on premises' (in licensed venues such as nightclubs, pubs and festivals).”

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