New World Wine Secrets: Murrieta’s Well


California’s Livermore Valley is entwined with the legacy of winemaking genius Carl H. Wente. He was among the first to harness Livermore’s unique geographical orientation and terroir for quality grape growing and winemaking. The region and its gravely soils run from east to west; an exceptional position that draws bay breezes and fog in a direct path to the shore. What would otherwise be overwhelming warmth in the valley is tempered and cooled by these conditions. It’s a phenomenon that nearby north to south-oriented regions cannot experience. Today, over one hundred and thirty years since Carl Wente’s arrival in Livermore, his legacy lives on through the talents of his kith and kin. But generations of winemaking genius don’t stop at the Wente label. 

Murrieta’s Well is one of California’s best kept wine secrets. The estate winery’s name honors Joaquin Murrieta, a miner in the California gold rush who discovered the property in the late 1800s. The vineyard area was first planted in 1884 with cuttings from Chateau d’Yquem and Chateau Margaux, bridging the gap between the Old and New Worlds. It was purchased by the Wente family in 1930, and revitalized by fourth generation winegrower Phillip Wente in 1990 with a view toward crafting fine blends from small parcels of vineyard land. Decorated winemaker Robbie Meyer came to Murrieta’s Well in 2015. With nineteen vintages under his belt and over one hundred 90+ point wines to his name, small block harvesting and superior blending are some of Robbie’s specialties. His small-production blends clearly showcase a subtly powerful and elegant winemaking prowess. Grapes are carefully selected from each block on Murrieta’s five hundred acre parcel. Every parcel is thoughtfully considered for inclusion in each blend. And like any feat of complex construction, Robbie builds his blends block by block. 
Wines from Murrieta’s Well are fashioned from tried and true vineyards by a modern craftsman in the spirit of Livermore Valley’s California heritage. What’s more: it’s a time of great celebration at the estate! Stay tuned for more details on Snooth in the coming weeks. Until then, try some of the wine. These two signature blends are available nationwide at an incredible value.
Murrieta’s Well The Whip White Wine Blend Livermore Valley 2014

Beautiful floral nose of orange blossom, hints of tea leaf and honeysuckle with good fruit character of green apple. Tangerine and grapefruit flavors coming through on the palate with ripe peach and zesty minerality towards the finish. Fun and approachable.
Touched on the nose with spiced blackberry and black cherry, a bit of earth and red licorice. Ripe cherry and mixed berry flavors in the mouth with a spice box character, beautifully earthy and approachable and refreshing, with full acidity and well integrated tannins, and a touch of blueberry and a clay note on the finish.
A sneak peek at two of Robbie’s small lot selections, only available at the estate in limited quantities: 
Rich green apple and honeyed notes of pear, peach and dried apricot with a touch of sweet spice on the nose. This has plenty of character in the mouth but is nicely medium bodied with soft baked apple and pear notes, creamy vanilla frosting towards the finish which turns slightly zesty with hints of lemon meringue.
Molasses and dark plum aromas with hints of dried dates, cinnamon and blackberry. Gripping tannins in the mouth with zesty baking spice, full blown acidity brightening the palate, a touch herbal coming through the middle and bringing some cocoa and cassis in towards the finish that mixes in some ripe blackberry and black cherry.

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  • Snooth User: randomacts
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    Had the Spur wine for barbecue last weekend. Its good and a fair price.

    Jun 10, 2016 at 11:30 AM

  • Snooth User: dstewartca
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    I am currently enjoying a fine bottle of Murrieta's Well Vendimia Red 1995. It is still awesome. The winemaker at that time was Sergio Traverso. This s a typical Bordeaux blend with 8% Zinfandel added. Still holding colour, nose and flavour. I would love to submit photo of the label!

    Aug 07, 2018 at 10:33 PM

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