OIV Congress Focuses on Global Gains, Sparkling Wine Growth


The world is waking up to the glitter of sparkling wine, according to the latest numbers released at this week's 37th World Congress of Vine and Wine. OIV Directer General Jean-Marie Aurand focused on sparklers in his global overview of the vitivinicultural sector.
“(The) sparkling wine market has expanded in recent years,” an OIV press release stated. “In 10 years production has increased by more than 40 percent and consumption by 30 percent.”
Worldwide sparkling wine production reached 17.6 million hectoliters in 2013, “a figure that corresponds to seven percent of world wine production.
The OIV estimated the overall value of the sparkling wine trade market at four billion euros.
“The share of sparkling wine exports accounts for nearly  nine percent of the volume of wine exports and 18 percent of their value,” the report stated.
The focus on sparkling wines came in the greater context of the state of the global wine industry. As widely publicized numbers show, wine production decreased in 2013 and France led the way among wine producing nations.
According to Aurand's presentation, the world's total vineyard surface area is 7159 million hectares. This number is down from the previous year. Aurand said cited a reduction in European vineyards as the reason behind this decrease. 
However, Aurand said, the reduction “has been  partially offset by the incrase in the planted surface areas in the rest of the world.”
Aurand pointed out that in China and South America “the total area under vines has continued to increase: these areas are the main vineyard growth centers in the world.”
The presentation also covered world production of grapes, which in 2013 totaled 751 million quintals, a 17 percent increase since 2000. Favorable conditions and increased yields contribute to the rise in grape production despite a decrease in overall area under vines.
The Chinese account for a large stake in world grape production, Aurand said in the release.
“China with 115 Mqul produces 15 percent of the world grapes production, followed by Italy and the USA,” he stated. 
Poor harvests hampered European numbers, but, Aurand pointed out, wine production in the southern Hemisphere and the United States saw modest increases.
Also of note is overall wine consumption in countries outside the EU. According to the OIV's statistics,  in 2013 non-EU countries accounted for 39 percent of the world's wine consumption as compared with 31 percent in 2000.
Photo Credit: OIV

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