Poland Makes Push For Elevated Viticulture


Poland is pushing its place in the wine world.
Earlier this month Polish diplomat Andrzej Byrt met with Jean-Marie Aurand, Director General of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), to apprise him of the resurgence of wine culture in Poland.
According to a news story by the OIV, the conversation included details about the a wine sector which “has boomed in a country that has experienced significant economic growth over recent years.”
Much of the vitivinicultural boom is based on grape hybrids like solaris, hibernal and maréchal foch. 
The growth Byrt spoke of extends from the grape-growing region of Zielona Gora down through Krakow and eastward toward Kazimierz Dolny. 
The OIV said wine consumption has increased in Poland in the past few years – from 1.4 liters per-capita to 2.4 liters.
Polish representatives are eyeing membership in the OIV, the report said.
One article by the English version of the Krakow Post noted that changes to wine laws and academic interest in the subject of winemaking were the turning points of the country's growing wine community even though winemakers have had to deal with difficult government regulations of the industry.
“In the last decade vineyards have spread all over the country. There are hundreds of amateur plantations and ten official producers who sell their own wine,” then-Polish Vine and Wine Institute President Roman Mysliwiec told the Krakow Times in 2011. 
At that time, the paper reported,  few winemakers were allowed to sell their wines because the government had not issued licenses to sell wine since 2008.
Restrictions have eased up since then and foreigners have taken interest in the country's vineyards. 
Mike Whitney, an American who lived in California and Washington, is the owner of Adoria Vineyards.
His winery grows pinot noir, chardonnay and riesling, Adoria's website said.
“Chardonnay's success here is a combination of the  microclimate, the well-drained deep mineral soil they are planted on, and quite possibly the lovely sunny view they have of nearby Sobotka and the far off Sudety and Karkonos mountains,” the website said.
Polish wine website Plochockich said though the band of Polish winemakers is small, it is spirited.
“Winemaking in Poland is a tough business, but enterprising growers are finding ways to produce quality vintages,” the site said.
According to 2011 OIV numbers, Poland exported 35,000 hectoliters of wine and imported nearly 1 million hectoliters.

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