Imported by: Evaton Inc. Ct. 
A bit inky on the nose and with suggestions of sweetness from new wood supporting smoke laced dark berry and cherry aromas that are topped with a floral note.  Round and polished in the mouth, this is a clean, fairly fruity and fairly modern take. there’s lots of fruit here, a bit plummy and spiced with some sour plum and tart cherry accents on the palate that lead to a dry and somewhat tough finish. the acidity and somewhat tough tannin are well covered in the mouth but become more obvious on the chunky finish, which has some sticky, fruity length to it.  Not bad, just a bit undistinguished though it remains a good value. 84pts
Imported by: Obrigado
A blend of unspecified percentages of Touriga Nacional, Aragonez, Trincadeira
A bit frankly earthy on the nose with a raw, cola and spicy dried fruit character that is modestly sweet and smoky with underlying black cherry fruit. A bit soft in the mouth, lending this a sweetish tone on the palate that is supported by the sweet, spicy flavors. The acidity appears on the midpalate lending this some freshness, but it’s also accompanied by some chewy tannins that do begin to integrate with a bit of air. This is a bit perplexing because even though it has assertively dry and extracted feel to it, it’s clean and fresh in the mouth with a nice tart berry fruit on the finish. A bit rough going but not bad. 84pts 
Imported by: Tri Vin Imports NY
Aragonez 60%, Touriga Nacional 30%, Trincadeira 10%
Dark, caroby and heavy on the nose with syrupy aromas of dried fruit, charred wood, cinnamon,  and cola. Fresher in the mouth than the nose portends, though this is a bit round and impenetrable on the palate. Theres enough acid to lend freshness to the slightly gamy wild berry fruit, and firm little tannins emerge on the midpalate to support the coffee laced flavors of prune and plum on the palate, that lead to a short, tight and slightly dry if attractive finish. Undistinguished and a little heavy with tannins that build on the slightly hot finish. 83pts
Imported by: Iberia Wines & Spirits Ct
Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca
Pretty floral aromas on the nose compete with some raw wood notes for one’s attention.  A touch soft in the mouth, though big, round and seamless, this is a chewy wine with earthy, bitter apple skin laced, dry fruit flavors that come off as both a  bit tough and ungenerous. The finish is dry, short and tough as well.  There are some interesting flavors here but this feels forced and clumsy. 78pts
Imported by: Wine Enterprises NJ
Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Tinta Roriz, Jaen
A bit shy on the nose with dry, dusty aromas and spicy, herbal toned floral notes with a bit of a medicinal/ pencil lead character and deep, jammy, grapey base notes.  Low in acid and dry in the mouth, this delivers some deep, chewy and slightly meaty flavors that are mostly from oak ageing. It's a  rustic wine with some spicy notes on the backend, but overall this is driven by dry tannin in the mouth and through the modest finish which shows off more medicinal and vanilla laced flavors along with lingering tea and tobacco notes and a touch of alcoholic heat.  Old school to the max. 82pts