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While we tend to focus on the familiar, Dezel Quillen make a point of taking us on a journey through some of the lesser known, but exciting, emerging regions for wine in the good old US of A!


I began my wine journey mining for hidden gems in little known regions along the east coast of the United States. A common response to many of the wines I shared and wrote about back then went something like this; “What, they make wine there?” In fact, wine is produced in all 50 states, but many people can count on one hand the wines they have tried from different states. To their credit, trying wines from some of our nation’s emerging wine regions, that may or may not be made from unknown grape varieties, might take a bit of effort and a lot of curiosity. After all, many of these producers’ production totals are so limited that finding their wines in your local shops is near impossible. And let’s face it, most consumers generally drink familiar brands that are available to them in their respective marketplace. Availability, name recognition, and consumer perception issues are all potential challenges for these wines. The phrase “variety is the spice of life” is particularly true when it comes to wine. Adventurism, exploration, and discovery, all things I embrace, are the key to stumbling upon hidden gems. More times than not, all doubt is removed if the quality shines through in lesser known wines originally perceived in a negative light. Trying the wine is the hurdle – high quality, personality-driven wines can be grown in areas of the US that one wouldn’t imagine. All that said, I’ve been out mining again, and encourage you to become familiar with these five hidden gems if you are not already. Check out their sites, read their stories, and try their wines. I will be sure to return after my next expedition and share some more!

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