Thrones Throwdown: Cali Vineyard Goes To Legal Fistacuffs With HBO Hit


Popular HBO action/drama Game of Thrones has one winery seeing red over Thrones’ new line of beer titled “Three-Eyed Raven.” 
This past week online news outlet Quartz examined the beef between Thrones and Franciscan Vineyards, the California estate which produces Ravenswood. The winery is asking the federal government to issue a “nevermore” for Thrones use of the raven imagery on the network’s Three-Eyed Raven Dark Saison Ale.
The winery is arguing that HBO’s trademark ‘would effectively infringe’ upon its own, says Lindsey A. Zahn, an alcohol beverage and food attorney in New York,” the article said. 
Zahn said the winery’s opposition most likely won’t stand against HBO. 
“She called the suit ‘kind of a stretch,’ adding that the winery filed a ‘very skeletal opposition,’ without much supporting detail,” the story said. “The fraud and ‘no bona fide intent to use’ arguments are ‘not grounded,’ she says.”
Quartz said Franciscan Vineyards was mum on the issue because they were not able “to comment on any litigation.”
However, the publication did provide the petition Franciscan filed against GoT.  The petition, among other details, includes the image used for Ravenswood wine: a series of three ravens position in a circle, each with one eye: three eyes, three ravens. 
The heart of the dispute is found in the first series of arguments in the petition. “Opposer” signifies Franciscan, while “Applicant” signifies HBO. “Marks” are logos. 
“Opposer is now and for many years has been trading as and known by the Opposer’s Marks, identifying Opposer as the source of a wide variety of goods, including alcoholic beverages, namely wine, the latter being in part substantially identical and in part closely related Applicant’s Goods intended to be offered under its alleged mark THREE-EYED RAVEN,” the application said.
With the similarity in logo established in the protest, Franciscan then swung their legal Blackfyre once more, hoping to land a decisive blow to the opponent’s armor.
“Because Applicant’s mark is THREE-EYED RAVEN for alcoholic beverages … confusion is enhanced where Opposer uses the design mark of Three Black Ravens and word marks RAVENS and/or RAVENSWOOD for wine,” the document said. 
HBO has yet to respond to the allegations, Quartz said. 
“(HBO) has 40 days for the filing to do so, – but if you’re looking to try out this controversial brew, act fast: it’s a limited edition,” the story concluded.
Photo Credit: Pixabay

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