10 Top Domestic Rieslings

Mastering a tough varietal


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10 Top Domestic Rieslings The United States has a Riesling problem. We don’t really understand the grape, and surely don’t spend enough time trying to. But that is all changing. With plantings that range from New York to Oregon, Michigan to Idaho and even California, people are beginning to take the time to get to know Riesling in all its local styles.

These different strains have historically been Riesling’s Achilles’ heel, not to mention the German and French nomenclature that one had to learn in order to understand what one was buying. Now it’s as easy as learning “dry,” “almost dry,” and “semi-sweet,” along with a few other no nonsense terms that producers are using.

The International Riesling Federation has even developed a rating scale to help take the guesswork out of choosing a bottle of Riesling. Now, we just have to figure out what sets Oregon’s Rieslings apart from New York’s, California’s, Michigan’s….

Check out the full article for a list of top-rated Rieslings that were recently tasted.

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