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Even my wine geek pals start to reach out to me around this time of year: “Uh. The office asked that I find something for the boss. We have a budget of $150. He’s lame and never stands up for us in front of the top dogs, but we can’t buy him Wild Turkey. What do we do?”

Here’s my list of best wine gifts for those critical players in your life. Remember never to skimp on high stakes folks. If these recommendations don’t fit the personalities on your list, play it safe. Give a gift that can keep giving - something to be re-gifted if s/he doesn’t want it or is in a bind to find a gift for someone else. For such emergencies, I recommend Ruinart NV Blanc de Blancs. The bottle looks luxurious and the wine is sublime.

For the others, here are my tailored suggestions:
Your Boss

For the boss you aspire to be:
Top bosses have tact and class, like this bottling. It shows you know the world’s best winemakers and that you don’t have to purchase their top wines to know what you’re doing.
For the boss you try to avoid:
This is tricky because if successful, you may have to face a thank you. Why not Malbec? Everyone loves Malbec! Hey, you haven’t talked to her since January.
Your Secret Santa 

No matter how large or small your office is, this could be a real crapshoot. Play it safe and buy two half bottles: one white and one red with one each from the Old and New Worlds. 
For the swank office:
Newton 2012 Chardonnay Red Label
For the budget-conscious office:
Kim Crawford 2013 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough
Your Super or Doorman

These guys make your world go ‘round. In these cold winter months, they spend lots of time in the cold so that you don’t. A warming tawny Port is a fine reward.
For a Small Townhouse:
Taylors 30-Year Tawny 
For a Multi-Tower Complex:
Quinta do Infantado NV Tawny Port 
Your Book Club Buddy

For Non-Fiction Book Clubs:
Select something smooth and easy yet honestly Old World and to the point.

Château Beausejour 2012 Bordeaux Montagne
For the Sci-Fi/Zombie Book Clubs:
Save an empty bottle. Refill with water or red vinegar. Recork. No further explanation required. (Really, you need one? This is a wine lover’s nightmare!)
Your Roommate

This is a no-brainer. Pick what you and your roommate will inevitably drink together, very possibly on a random – and cold - winter Thursday night.
Your Hair Stylist

Generally, this divides into two categories. Proceed with caution if your stylist doesn’t fit these. It’s your hair that has to grow out if a cut goes bad.
For the flamboyant hair stylist:
This particular suggestion is for those who live in urban areas and spend small fortunes on their hair and color. Check out the label and the price and you’ll see what I mean.
For the down-home stylist:
This is a brilliantly balanced, sweet Moscato, a wine style that recently has met raging success in the USA. Choose either the 375 ml or 750 ml to match your stylist’s pricing chart.
Your Great Aunt

The great aunt of yore is not your great aunt. Give her some credit. No more Cream Sherry. Go for a classy, dry Chablis.
Need more gift ideas for the wine lovers in your life? Try these suggestions on for size: 

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    Great suggestions! If you need more help with your gifts, you can also take advantage of personal shopper and wine concierge services from your local Wine Ambassador from Boisset Wine Living. We can help take the stress out of your gift-giving. Cheers!

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