Is there a "better" champagne for mimosas?


I'm going all out tomorrow morning and making a big birthday brunch for my girlfriend.  I've always bought the cheap champagne for mimosas and never questioned if there is a better (and affordable) champagne  that caters to a better mimosa.  Anyone have a great recommendation for an affordable champagne that really brings out the best of a mimosa?

  • 1005770Wines2much I have always said never ruin a good champagne with Orange juice. I too like my mimosa's wonderful which is why I always use Andre Peach Passion for them....inexpensive sparkling wine works for me. Hope this helps.


  • I agree.... my friends and boyfriend make fun of me for saying never put anything in perfectly champagne (no strawberries, no orange juice). Having said that, I too love mimosas, and I noticed that what makes a HUGE difference is FRESHLY SQUEEZED orange juice. You can use Andre or maybe buy a nice bottle of Gruet (should be around $15) and enjoy it with or without orange juice. If you want champagne, maybe have that orange juice served separately. Either way, the secret is making it freshly squeezed! Happy birthday to your lucky gal :)

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    Snooth User: AlineAlmeida

    Feb 3, 2012 at 3:08pm

  • I also say don't ruin a fine champagne with OJ. Use a decent sparkling wine like Freixenet (between $9-12 most places), that still gives you small bubbles and natural sweetness (not artificial sugary sweetness) and a fresh squeezed juice, and your girlfriend will be happy! 

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    Snooth User: Acskoglund

    Feb 3, 2012 at 3:42pm

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