Is wine vegan?

2Mark Angelillo

My girlfriend is vegan and I was vegetarian for many years. I know there's no meat in wine - but is it vegan? Can you be vegan and still drink wine? Is there a region where the wine is predominantly vegan?


  • Actually Mark, this is far from being a stupid question. Yes, wine is made from Grapes - fruit - but egg whites and isinglass are some times used as finings. Technically speaking this means that they do not remain in the wine but have 'touched' it. Egg white is largely used for top end heavy reds, so if you avoid that type of wine you are highly unlikely to come across egg-white fined wines. Use of Isinglass is pretty rare these days  as filtration and bentonite clay has largely replaced it. - I can't think of any regions that are Vegan, but Burgundy is a better bet than Bordeaux, and avoid Rioja, where they really do still use a lot of eggs!  Wine actually labelled as Vegetarian is I am almost certain Vegan. 'Organic' labelling is no help either way, but 'Bio-dynamic' wine is not suitable because of the particular processes used in growing the grapes. (Cow horns and bladders hanging in trees). Apart from seeking out Vegetarian wine, unfortunately you are probably safest sticking to Industrial wine.

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    Aug 22, 2011 at 1:52pm

    • 853836Kate Statton wow, super helpful answer tim!

    • 2Mark Angelillo Tim - great answer. Thanks for the regional guidance as well. Very helpful.

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