Wine 101: Serving Temperatures

By Gregory Dal Piaz

What the right serving temperature is and why it's important.

Jun 01, 2011

Correctly answer all the questions below to complete the quiz.


  • 1
    As a wine serving temperature goes down...
  • 2
    Storing your wine at room temperature is...
  • 3
    A good rule of thumb temperature for serving Sparkling white wines is...
  • 4
    A good rule of thumb temperature for serving young Bordeaux is...
  • 5
    A good rule of thumb temperature for serving mature red wines is...
  • 933880cheftracey Why does number 5 list the correct answer as 56F, when the chart clearly shows mature red wines should be served closer to 66F??

  • 381013Stallion I agree with the above statement. it clearly says on the Serving Temperature Chart that mature Reds should be served at 72 F.

  • 937350Stefano Buttò 66 on 5

  • 523822saywhatmyman I think this can sometimes turn people off the wine if the temperature is way off. I now store wine at 55F. I have actually lost some good wine to inconsistent temperature storage.

  • 1056239Cantina Caputo Question 5 is wrong.

  • 33093Chris Carpita Thanks for the reports, fixed

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