Wine 101: What is Wine?

By Gregory Dal Piaz

Learning about the basic elements of wine and how wine is made.

Jun 01, 2011

Correctly answer all the questions below to complete the quiz.


  • 1
    Wine grapes are usually not which color?
  • 2
    Which phrase accurately describes why cultivated yeasts are used?
  • 3
    Which form of acid is one that is not usually encounter in wine?
  • 4
    Which phrase best describes the effects of tannin.
  • 5
    What do fining agents do to a wine?
  • 1109201akakaizoku not bad i made it :-P

  • 1417473nddave01 Thank goodness that at least I know what wine is!

  • 1516097wdhm :O)

  • 1543948rodriguezm212gmailcom I did need the right answers to the wrong ones I did.

  • 1897113tawnietawn interesting

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