Wine 201- How to Read a Southern Rhone Wine label

By Gregory Dal Piaz

Finding out what's on the label and what it really means.

Jun 01, 2011

Correctly answer all the questions below to complete the quiz.


  • 1
    The phrase propriétaires récoltants on a wine label means...
  • 2
    Which appellation would you not find on a bottle from the Southern Rhone?
  • 3
    Mis en Bouteille au Domaine. Means?
  • 4
    Which information must be on the label of a wine from the Southern Rhone?
  • 5
    Which information is not required on the label of a bottle of wine from the Southern Rhone?
  • 1068283StoneTempleHoldings Interesting article. One must need to know a lot more about a wine then anticipated for each region of a wine country when selecting a wine to their liking. A process that takes years to understand, all the while constantly changing depending on the harvest year. Much like a game of chess with ever so many moves to be made.

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