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Lebanon can well be considered one of the cradles of wine production, dating as far back as 5000 years with the ancient Phoenicians. Through the ancient port city of Byblos, the wine was traded with Greece, Spain, Italy (Rome), and Carthage in northern Africa, and fared well in these exchanges for gold and other precious goods. Over the centuries the seeds planted in far off soils and evolving techniques from these wine trades and vineyard establishments laid the foundation for modern wine-making. 
Lebanon is also the setting for famous wine stories from the Bible. Once the great floods subsided, Noah is said to have planted the first vineyard. His tomb is believed to be located around Zahle, in eastern Lebanon. In southern Lebanon, the city of Cana is believed to be where Jesus turned water into wine. 
But while considered talented wine-makers, the Phoenicians had a weak army and were easily conquered by the Egyptians. The Assyrians followed, then Babylonians Read more »

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  • Chardonnay

    British wine writer and critic, Jancis Robinson, once noted that throughout the 80’s and 90’s in the United States, C...

  • Cinsault

    History of the grape: Cinsau(l)t has been growing in Southern France for centuries. In the Rhone and Languedoc region...

  • Syrah

    The irony here is that Syrah’s origins could give Carmen Sandiego a run for her international wallet. Syrah’s deepest...

  • Négrette

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    “King of the Red Wine Grapes.” The colonizer of the vineyards, pushing native wine grapes into its shadows. The Caber...

Subregions of Lebanon

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  • Karam Winery

    Karam Winery, Is the tale of two brothers who grew up amid their ancestral vine estate in souther...

  • Clos St. Thomas

    Since the beginning of time, everyone who stepped onto the Lebanese soil has paid tribute to the ...

  • Massaya, Tanaïl Property S.A.L.

    The story of Tanaïl Property goes back to the early 70's as the Ghosn family acquired an Estate p...

  • Cave Kouroum

    We at Cave Kouroum are dedicated to confirming excellence and sustaining commitment in the direct...

  • Chateau Ka (Kassatly Chtaura)

    Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley is often reputed to be the birthplace of vine growing and is now the home ...

  • Batroun Mountains winery

    Batroun Mountains is a family owned & operated boutique winery located in the mountainous region ...

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Lebanon on Snooth

  • Musar Jeune 2017


    The Famille Hochar produces the Musar Jeune line (this one is the red or rouge) as an early drinker for those with shallower pockets. The blend of Cab Sauvignon, Syrah and Cinsault made with traditional methods throws a heavy sediment, is opaque red in the glass, and fills the nostrils with black cherry, wet rich earth and blackberry jam. Entr... Read More

    Wine review by zufrieden

  •  I recently had to have a fair amount of miscellaneous dental work done - ... including a Chateau Musar (Lebanon) second label (Jeune, or young in the French language - which was once used extensively in Lebanon and Syria as these were French League of Nations mandates following the First World War).  I plan to try this one soon, given the lab... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What's your Choice of Wine...

  • Musar Jeune 2014


    I bought two bottles of this wine from the www.bidforwine.co.uk website for ... most prestigious winerys in Lebanon a country with a history and tradition of winemaking going back to ancient times.The 'Jeune' range of wines was introduced in 2007 and are made from some of the younger vines planted in the Bekaa valley 1000 metres above sea leve... Read More

    Wine review by duncan 906

  • Stephen, any comments on the Aussie wines and their prices towards the top of ... 2001 Lebanon   |  3 in stock  |  $59.99 Musar 2003 Bekaa Valley Lebanon Blanc  |  2 in stock  |  $64.99 Musar 2005 Bekaa Valley Lebanon Blanc  |  3 in stock  |  $64.99 Adega Regional de Colares 2005 Colares Arenae Malvasia (500 ml) This is the un-grafted Malvasia ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Aussie Wine in the US

  • Our Balkan wine tasting party was a success tonight.  One wine was ... ... was a mistake - a wine from Lebanon.  Oh well, you live and learn.Oh, Sandra knitted the 'pussy hats'.  We use these during our protests in Washington D Read More

    Forum post in the topic Weekend Wines - Post Pictures...

  • I've always wondered why the Levant (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria) produces that huge-noduled couscous. Doesn't absorb flavors, sauces, the way the North African and Arabian versions do... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Weekend Wines - Post Pictures...

  • Chateau Muscar 2007


    Didn't care for. A bit too much of a strange musky flavor Read More

    Wine review by calywa

  • Guess we could talk about Chateau Musar--where did all the cedars of Lebanon go?D asked that question in response to my comment that European vines were mostly planted a long time ago and so the clearcutting of forests and other threats have been amortized.  I was busy (and still am) at the time, but a second mention of Musar today drove me to c... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What have you bought lately?

  • "You think that by being a locavore you are also being a tree ... water thing.""Lebanon is in Asia.  So is Israel.  I'm pretty sure that Musar is the best wine made in Asia.  (Sake is technically not wine, it's beer.) My argument stands re: Europe. ;-)" Musar and the Levant have much longer deforested agricultural field history--all of Europe n... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What have you bought lately?

  • "Think again: Almost all the European wines are grown on land that has ... ... did all the cedars of Lebanon go? Assuming the Phoenicians and successors through the Romans thought they were too useful for both shipbuilding and trading with the Egyptians and others to allow them to survive. Wonder how many trees there were all over the Mediter... Read More

    Forum post in the topic What have you bought lately?

  • My only exposure to wines of Lebanon is the 2006 Domaine Wardy Private Selection Red, having known nothing about Lebanese wines, I was surprised by the quality. I am still holding a bottle....for a little bit.

    Comment by 722873TL1053 722873 TL1053

  • I have something to say about: A wine from Lebanon, not well known. But very beautiful and tasty with 12% of alcohol, it comes in red, rosee or white, and it is called Vin d'Amour, they say it is from Lebanese Valley, ONLY. DOes anyone know from which Chateau, does it come from?

    Comment by 1032742Roulay 1032742 Roulay

  • Lebanese wines are powerful and racy and will blow your mind. The shame is how few are imported to the United States. It's only a matter of time before the general populus discovers these wines and drive up the prices, so get them now while they still represent a tremendous value.

    Comment by 647099BougeBoy 647099 BougeBoy

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    Page modification by 6331solomania9 6331 solomania9

  • Well, thanks for the advise Amour. Have you read the books wines of Lebanon from Michael Karam? very interesting. Indeed most of the vineyards in the Bekaa Valley are above 900 m. But sorry to disappoint you, it does not seem that Merwahi and Obeidi are the ancestors of Chardonnay and Semillon, according to the dna tests... Furthermore, I invite...

    Comment by 317593Purplebarrel 317593 Purplebarrel

  • the nice part about wine is the scope that it covers. Indeed the subject is so diverse you can hardly master it. At the beginning wines meant Europe, then New World Wine emerged and now the new horizon is the renaissance of Ancient World Wine. This includes Lebanon, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary..The more you drink, the more you learn, the more curiou...

    Comment by 317593Purplebarrel 317593 Purplebarrel

  • A friend on SNOOTH asked my opinion on a wine from LEBANON. It was CHATEAU MUSAR 1997. As I replied, it dawned on me that we do not really appreciate LEBANON as much as it deserves. As for MUSAR.....it was founded in 1930 The vineyards are far away from the winery...some 30 miles away...some say that this has a positive impact on the wine due...

    Comment by 218530amour 218530 amour

  • Wine in Lebanon is going thru a renaissance. It is very exciting to discover how this wine region is regaining momentum and offering great value wines. Indeed, after the European wines, the new world wines, it is time to the Ancient world Wines

    Comment by 317593Purplebarrel 317593 Purplebarrel

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