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  • After the year 1992 the whole business scenario in India has drastically changed, India has come up prominently on the map of world as a major market, many big and major companies rushed to avail this huge opportunity in India.Having a vast middle class population ready to consume products ,opened a huge opportunity to multi national corporation... Read More

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  • You are probably prepared to hear these very motivational musings touching on ... ... Exoslim. There is also a big market for Exoslim. It is no gimmick and I can't understand it in this day and age. Browse this page for more detais>> Read More

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  • Don't know. I'm not sure how to answer Duncan's question but if it's not the national sport, it's a thrilling pastime for many!Zuf - I think what happens is that you don't want your main customer to get bigger than you are. There's an interesting story I read once about a pickle company - Vlasic. They were a midwest company that made sliced and ... Read More

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  • A bit late but did anyone note that the SC made a ruling on wine sales last week?The issue was a Tennessee requirement that if you wanted to open a retail store, you had to have lived in the state for ten years. A guy wanted to open a Total Wine franchise and was denied, so he sued.Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association v. Russell F. T... Read More

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  • So on a whim we decided to visit British Columbia. But we flew up to Washington, so visited a few places there too. Totally off the subject of wine, I found an awesome bakery in Spokane and the girl there served me this thing that I thought was a kind of Parmesan cheese foam. In fact it was fermented cashew whip, which was definitely weird, but ... Read More

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  • It only required a bit of time. Years and years ago, I was told a good Zenith Detox is hard to find. I know, wrong concept. You know I often do that with Zenith Detox. I don't care how hard that is. What a bummer! You know what pisses me off more than anything else? I'm very familiar with Zenith Detox. It's an awesome small number. Sharp people ... Read More

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  • I think that's true. There's a lot of new money getting into the wine business - sports stars, movie people, etc., and they need to buy land, hire expensive consultants, buy expensive grapes, and then they can talk about their wine, as if they made it. The people who bought in the 1960s and 1970s, or who come from long-standing families, they ca... Read More

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  • I have been thinking for a while on the idea of facilitating the meeting up in person of those loyally frequenting this site.My preference is to make these meetings open to all members, and even varying the location of any meeting according to convenience since we live all over the world (though mostly in North America).In any case, this new thr... Read More

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  • I left out a half-full bottle of red wine on the kitchen counter overnight. It greeted me in the morning as I brewed the coffee. The thought of Italian immigrants adding tablespoons of red wine to their coffee as daily ritual popped into my head. The temptation to try it was there, but I didn’t follow-through. I didn’t want to risk the quality o... Read More

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  • Read up on Lindeman's thread, and thought this would be a good topic to discuss.To Greg's point about blending Merlot and sometimes Cabernet in with Chianti blends, I hear that trend had been on the downswing, which is probably a good thing for Chianti proper, though there will be some really good "Super Tuscan's" made from the blending as well.... Read More

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