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We are pleased to begin a new series of articles about the details of wine tasting. We begin today with a review of wine tasting techniques because in order to be a better wine taster you need to use the proper technique. First, start with the correct glass. Since 1970, the tasting glass proposed by the INAO (Institut Nationale des Appellation d’Origine) has been the French standard for wine tasting. (See following article concerning Riedel). The silver-plated tastevin is now a museum piece! The glass should be filled between ¼ and ½ full. Hold the glass by the stem or the foot. With a circular movement of your wrist, gently swirl the wine around in the glass. Swirling helps to release the secondary and tertiary aromas found in older wines. Until you have the technique down pat, swirl the glass in a vertical position without lifting it from the tabletop. Why do you have to breath in with your mouth when you sip wine? Breathing in between your teeth when the wine is in your mouth (remember to cup Read more »

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  • Lately I've been interested in learning more about CA regions other than Napa. So I've been tasting quite a bit from producers that don't find their way out east, where it's often easier to get wine from Europe than from the US, at least in NYC.First, I have to give a huge shout out to Bryan Harrington. He's gone around the state and found reall... Read More

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  • I like what I'm told is referred to a "jammy" wine. One example is Altmura. I know it's not sweet however to me it has somewhat of a sweet taste. Any recommendations of some wine to try?   Read More

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  • This Topic is partially intended to start a new thread on daily wine drinking as the earlier topics are just too long and too general.  How about telling us more about your choices and helping me start a new thread for the next generation, so to speak?  The "why" is the interesting part for some of us - but pictures are always welcome; after all... Read More

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  • Don't be shy now... I don't always drink classified growths, the best boutique wines of California, Washington or Oregon or even fine Champagne every night.  Price is part of the equation, I suppose, but "rightness" or "fit" seems more apropos.  A modest Riesling, a Viognier from Provence, or a good quality (but modestly priced) A. C. Bordeaux w... Read More

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  • DMCKER - thanks for responding! Yea, researching online hasn't turned up what I had hoped. It usually circles back to the same popular bits of information. So I'm not sure where to look at this point. I guess what I'm looking for is a bit more esoteric (?) in the end, or maybe I should be looking at larger trends rather than smaller details like... Read More

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  • So it's been a while since I've been on here but I was just doing a little research into lesser known grape varietals. In the last four years or so I've been excitedly searching out American wines from other known regions to see what's been going on there and trying varietals I hadn't heard of, mostly hybrids. But this also brought me into lesse... Read More

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  • BLM, look forward to your next report from the trenches (as in trencherman and whatever word like that works for a drinker, too) of Burgundy. Will love to hear what you find in that price range, too. Though whatever you find in local shops the prices will tend to be higher in online shops in France and other parts of Europe. Go figure... Read More

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  • Decided to spin this out from another thread to keep things clear and more easily accessible.Please post your recommendations here. Will add my own when I have a spare moment.... Read More

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  • After a relatively stressful couple of weeks which included a car accident with a Kangaroo [fortunately no major injuries] we decided that Saturday we would head down to the COast to our place at Middleton just south of AdelaideSaturday morning started with some shopping and getting prepared and then I had my usual duties helping oldest son out ... Read More

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  • DOing a tasting tonight04 Janz Sparkling - Tasmania05 E&E Sparkling SHiraz08 Mesh Riesling Clare/Eden Valley Blend [half Grosset half Yalumba hence Mesh]08 O'Leary Walker Polish Hill Riesling Clare16 Orlando ST Helga Riesling Eden Valley05 Zeghesio Zinfandel02 Yalumba Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Blend05 McWilliams 1877 Cabernet Sauvignon/S... Read More

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