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Wine and Spirits at Cheers on Snooth

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  • How much wine is enough for you? (of course it depends on the purpose of drinking):)How much is too much?How do you find a balance? Read More

    Forum post in the topic What is Your Wine Norm

  • OK elevator pitch...Registered Interior Designer with a passion for wine, food & travel. Several credits (and bottles) into my Sommelier training. Here to learn, post and laugh a lot :-)Cheers Cora :-) Read More

    Forum post in the topic Hi Snooth & Fellow wine lovers

  • I was wondering how many forum members plan to watch the Superbowl this Sunday (05 Feb 2017) and of that subset, will anyone be drinking beer instead of wine? Read More

    Forum post in the topic Superbowl 51 - Wine or Beer?

  • Think of LOVE IN ALL FORMS!!!!! FOOD AND WINE...BUBBLY...perhaps?For me...definitely a few bottles from SAUTERNES.....oh I love them.......QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!! Read More

    Forum post in the topic WE NEED THE ROMANCE OF WINE...

  • ProWein, the annual wine and spirits fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, is the high water mark for wine brands, regions, and drinkers worldwide. Nearly every wine producing area you’ve ever heard of (or not heard of) is represented at this event. The event is so huge that it should have its own postal code. This is one of those rare instances in life ... Read More

    From the article We Know Where To Find The World's Best Wines

  • Hey NapaloverThat Spain trip sounds like fun. I'm just a beer guy, but my wife likes cream sherry. She was buying rot gut supermarket shelf bottles and I'm putting a stop to that. There's not much sherry available in St. Petersburg, Florida, so I ordered a few imported bottles through ABC wines and spirits to try. A night and day difference. I s... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Spain Trip (Jerez Sherry)

  • Sandra and I were fortunate yesterday to attend a quickly sold out (57 minutes after the e-mail went out to the RdV Ambassador members, it was fully booked) 'Introduction to Blind Tasting' class at our favorite Northern Virginia winery, RdV.  Getting our two slots in this class was tough, as we didn't call them until 5 or 6 hours after their e-m... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Have you taken a blind wine...

  •  Hi everyone!If you happen to be in Geneva this week... Here's an interesting Wine Guided Tasting for 9 Swiss Wines! For more details: https://metropolis7-170913.eventbrite.com9 AMAZING SWISS WINES  Tuesday, 17th of September from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT)Location - Metropolis7 90 CHF  -  1 Person170 CHF -  2 People Join us for this Amazing Wine ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic 9 Amazing Swiss Wines

  • I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine and she spoke of headaches with both red and white wines. She also hinted that she thought the possible reason is that the sulfites added to retard spoilage were the possible reason for her head problems.  She plans to finish her theory in the near future by experimenting with wines that are bo... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Sulfites in wine

  • Saw this story about Antonio Galloni leaving the Wine Advocate.  (I first saw it somewhere else, but this was the easiest one to link to today.)  I haven't got any particular sense of what Galloni likes, although one kind of assumes that Parker would hire someone somewhat in his own image if he was planning to turn over some of the areas Bob has... Read More

    Forum post in the topic More changes over at Wine...

  • Cheers is a useless store. There used to be good customer service, but not anymore. Not only is the owner an idiot but also the employees.

    Store rating of by 630814urnid9 630814 urnid9

  • Stopped by for a bottle of wine and realized there wasn't much of a choice to pick from, unless i bought the super expensive wine which was not happening. The guy there didn't seem to know much and didnt bother helping me. I just left and went across the street to the other wine place. Who is running this store???? Sure as heck not going back!

    Store rating of by 608798DianeFogerty 608798 DianeFogerty

  • This damn jew has some bad manners along with rarely having my 2 wines and my scotch in stock.

    Store rating of by 580552Korns 580552 Korns

  • This parasite is a lousy wine shop owner and the employees don't know jack about wine or liquors. What a sad and disturbing so called wine shop. No customer service and overpriced. I hope someone who knows what they are doing and are goo take over this present idiot owner.

    Store rating of by 551579jdoe 551579 jdoe

  • Lame is as lame does...i agree with the other reviews. You guys barely have anything in stock, as far as nice wine for a good price. Your scotch selection also sucks. I guess i'll be heading to zachy's or the wine stop in scarsdale.

    Store rating of by 497341patricksaig 497341 patricksaig

  • Yeah i agree with the other reviews. Maybe the owner is depressed about his personal life and doesn't care about his store anymore(his wife was arrested a few years ago). That's what happens when you marry into the mob.

    Store rating of by 497032TMilo 497032 TMilo

  • Wow, this wine shop sucks. Creepy guy behind the counter has absolutely no customer service skills whatsoever. This creep gave me an attitude problem just for asking what the difference of 2 wines that i was interested in buying. I was going to leave but i wasn't in the mood to drive to another wine place, so i bought the bottle and will NEVER r...

    Store rating of by 496831Randy Saire 496831 Randy Saire

  • Never have what i need! How does the owner stay in business??

    Store rating of by 484062Carldwah 484062 Carldwah

  • New image uploaded to this page.

    Page modification by 55336milana 55336 milana

  • What a pathetic wine shop. Not much to choose from. That tall idiot with the mustache wasn't much help when i went there the other day. Ill be going to the wine shop on central avenue in yonkers from now on. They are cheaper too.

    Store rating of by 460540Labregos 460540 Labregos

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