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Adding wines and updating your cellar

Posted by Philip James, Jan 5, 2009.

I was recently asked to explain how you can add/remove wines from your myWines list as well as how to update your cellar quantities and thought it would be most helpful if I answered the question publicly.

The key to interacting with the wine is the "corkscrew" icon which is on each page next to the wine name - you can see it in this image:

If you click it, you'll be presented with a set of options - you can add it to myWines, you can remove it, you can wishlist it and you can add it to your cellar (where you will be prompted to enter the number of bottles and the location).

Once a wine's already been saved to your myWines list you can visit the myWines page and you'll see an entry like this:

From here you can click on the wine name to visit the wine details page, you can mouse over the notebook to read a snippet of the review, or edit the cellar / wishlist information.

To remove the wine from your myWines list click on the wine name and visit the wine detail page. From there click the corkscrew and uncheck the "saved to mywines" box.

Hope that helps.


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