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Posted by jamessulis, Jan 29, 2013.

I absolutely love wine. Snooth is one of the reasons I love the mystique of wine because it  offers me a forum to discuss wine and all of it's nuances, it's history, it's wonder, it's character, it's beauty. I work very hard at my profession even though I have scaled it down to 3 days per week. After my work I love good food and love to imbibe in a nice wine. I drink, I rate, I discuss, I cherish wine. When I open a wine I immediately go into another zone, it's one of smell, taste and interest. I judge from my past experiences with wine and try and discern the subtle flavors that I am experiencing. Now here's the crux of my situation that I would love to have discussed here on Snooth. I am a male in my twilight years, 5 ft 8in, 186 lbs and I have the ability to open a bottle and drink the entire contents withing a2 hour period. Now sometimes I wonder if I am drinking too much of a beautiful thing. After I consume the wine, I don't feel more than a decent buzz and I don't open a second bottle so I don't believe I am heading into any problem areas. I usually wait a few days before I repeat the process again. I was wondering if other Snoothers fall into the same category. Can we consume too much in the guise of a desire for alcohol or is it the opposite that we consume more alcohol in the guise of finding the perfect wine we seek?

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Reply by duncan 906, Jan 30, 2013.

I do not think you have a problem.The NHS recomend that a man consume no more than two bottles of wine per week and you are not exceeding that.It is also recomended not to drink alchol every day so as to give your liver a chance to recover and that is what you are doing.Red wine in moderation is actually good for you as it inhibits the deposit of fat and colesterol on the inside of your blood vessels..I also only drink one bottle or occasionally two bottles per week and do not drink every day.i drink my bottle on my day off when I have to cook my own meal at home..[I usually have a meal in the canteen at work Like most people on this site I also enjoy wine and take a great interest in it.Each week I write a review on Snooth of the bottle I have had and I usually do a little internet research on it

Reply by Terence Pang, Jan 30, 2013.


I am not a medical doctor, but I am a neuroscience researcher working on projects investigating alcoholism. I'm a strong advocate of sensible and moderate consumption of alcohol. There are several reasons for this advice, the primary one being health and risk for adverse health effects. Your post wasn't explicit, but are you indicating that you might drink a single bottle of wine over a 2 hour period, 3 times a week?

While I'm not clear on the current recommendations of the NIH and NHS, a single bottle of wine of ~13% alc is 10 units of alcohol. In the US, the definition of an alcohol binge is 5 standard drinks in a single sitting. The UK's definition is similar. I would strongly advice against consuming 5-6 standard drinks (approx 1 bottle of wine) on a regular basis.

A sinple challenge to yourself would be to only taste wine over the next 2 weeks. Taste, and spit. See how you feel throughout this period. If you can put wine and any thoughts of alcohol completely out of your mind, you should be alright. Otherwise, I'd advise you to reconsider your lifestyle.

Reply by amour, Jan 30, 2013.

James, I get your point.

I think that you are normal in several respects.....anyone very enthusiastic about wine would go your route, that is!

I opened 2 small bottles of Sauternes over the last week and consumed all!!!!

I absolutely love Sauternes, and drink it in the winter months mainly, paired with small special items...caviar in warm blinis, foie gras and so on.

What is healthy and what is not...I cannot say!

As for me...I love Champagne, and for years, dealt in QUARTER BOTTLES from Fortnum & Mason, London, England.

Presently I deal in small bottles and half bottles  as much as I could!

I have never never been drunk in my life.

I also do a lot of spitting out at tastings.

Because I absolutely love wine, but do not ever drink a lot at any one time, I treasure hotels and restaurants with wine by the glass, like Morells in New York.

In Europe I found more Bring Your Own Wine spots and Wine by the Glass spots with great wines, than in the USA.

At special dinner parties, where I find one wine that I love, I would drink 2 or 3 glasses of it, at that dinner party.

Another point is,  while I adore wine on its own, I am very very much into pairing....what a pleasure!!!

The right Cab with the right steak!!! WOW!!!  HEAVEN....and also at the right time....everything must be appropriate...if possible....I do love wine on the spur of the moment when I encounter a friend, merely by chance, and say: "This warrants a good bottle!!!"  "Let's go!" I also treasure those times and those wines!

Reply by jamessulis, Jan 30, 2013.

Reply to TERENCE: For clarification. My post stated that I am semi retired and work only 3 days a week. Wine consumption is anywhere from once to twice a week. I didn't post because I think I am becoming dependent, I posted to see what other Snoothers habits with wine are. I can take drink or leave it but the mystique of wine causes me to imbibe weekly with primary thoughts being. 1. Curiosity of what the wine will taste like, 2. Going to Snooth to look it up for an education and 3. Trying to figure out what tastes are prevalent and enjoying the taste. As far as tasting and spitting, that will never happen unless someone pays for my opinion and I'm only in the beginning stages of being able to discern the different complexities so that would be an impossibility. AMOUR, your lifestyle sounds lovely. DUNCAN, your post sounds exactly how I experience wine on a weekly basis. Thanks to all who replied. SNOOTH ROCKS 

Reply by JonDerry, Jan 30, 2013.


I think you got some good feedback from everyone who replied, even if taken a little out of context I try to moderate my own drinking pretty feverishly and feel guilt, physical, and mental fatigue when I cross the line, which is usually when I drink in three consecutive days with at least one of those daysgoing over one bottle consumed. Luckily this doesn't happen very often and I continue to get better at controlling my enthusiasm at various wine events, like the UGC, where it's open season.

I'd experiment with half bottles of wine, maybe 2-3 times per week or try to find a drinking partner who can share a bottle with you, which will allow you to sample more wines per week while perhaps even drinking less. Had company over on Sunday, and this one guy is always keen to try my wines...well I stuck him with beer most of the day but toward the end I offered a glass with dinner, and we actually shared a half bottle wine I had opened the night before, we were both able to enjoy it quite a bit even though we probably would've liked to have had more. It was a 2010 Vieux Telegraphe La Crau, stunning wine that kept improving over the two days, but was enjoyable and interesting from the start. Another point being, that the better quality of wine you drink, the easier it is to drink less, though it's not so easy on the wallet, but that's a different subject altogether ; )

Reply by amour, Jan 30, 2013.

Life is a dream!

And I am grateful!

We keep Snooth rocking!

Yes we do!

I hope to buy lots of wine again this year.

I hope to buy on Snooth.

I give Wine as gifts to anyone and everyone...choosing appropriately, of course.

I wil give my dear friend and work associate, Marc, a very special Billecart Salmon....just because he loves it and I know that fact!!!

I will also give him Silex from my late friend and "crazy" French winemaker Didier Dagueneau.

I gave my sister's husband La Coutale/ Cahors / France.

I gave my other sister Ruffino Santedame Chianti Classico 2001

Have any Snoothers tried any of these?

Marc is a trained Sommelier...working in a different field.

He was my Sommelier in Paris years ago when I dined at Taillevent; I re-ignited with him in Miami through my work here....merely by chance!!!!

Wine throws up interesting scenarios!

I am already dreaming of what I will drink on the weekend with my SUSHI!!!

Any suggestions guys and gals, you beautiful Snoothers...rocking, rocking!!!!

Reply by duncan 906, Jan 30, 2013.

Amour It is nice to find somebody else into Sauternes and other sweet desert wines as my sister and IO are.I also give bottles of wine as presents and when I go to my sister's place I usually take half a dozen to serve at her dinners

Reply by Terence Pang, Jan 30, 2013.

James, I stand corrected. No offence intended.

I'd open 1-2 bottles each week, and have a glass or two over dinner, keeping the remainder in the fridge. I'd only keep them for 2-3 days, then bring them into work and give them to co-workers. who don't seem to complain much about receiving opened wine.

Reply by jamessulis, Jan 30, 2013.

Terence, I find that if I don't finish the complete bottle that day I extract the air out of the bottle if it's a red and also a white and the white only goes into the fridge. Co-workers may not be as sophisticated as yourself.

Reply by jamessulis, Jan 30, 2013.

AMOUR, I also love sauternes. Here in the Pacific Northwest they're a little harder to come by. I remember sometime in the early 80's I somehow was given or purchased a bottle of Chateau Y'equiem (probably spelled incorrectly) and it was delightful. I sipped and savored. It was absolutely the finest moments.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jan 30, 2013.

We've recently cut back on our wine drinking mostly because we are both trying to lose a couple pounds and, as we approach or pass 50, find that just cutting out dessert and exercising wasn't getting the job done.  Our approach was to eat meals that didn't really go with wine.  Since we don't make cocktails and hardly ever have beer in the house anymore, that cuts out our alcohol calories, which can add up quickly.  (7 calories per gram of alcohol, so some of those big Zins and over 14% cabs can really add up.)  We'll let you know how that works.

A colleague whose husband is employed by The Wine Group, a maker of supermarket plonk, recently got an article from her husband about the "resting your liver" advice.  Never really thought about that, but can't hurt.

That said, when you see how long winemakers and moderate drinkers live, and the joy it brings to those long lives, I say drink up.  What's the point of living all those years if you spend them constantly denying yourself? 

Reply by GregT, Jan 31, 2013.

James - it's a good post and a good subject.

Many people in the wine business are pretty much alcoholics. And many people, whatever their occupations, consume too much.  Ever work in the construction industry?

We kill a bottle a night on average, over say, five hours or so. In addition, I'm going to a number of tastings - today I have two, during which I'll taste many dozens of wines. Even spitting doesn't get you off the hook - you still end up consuming a lot of alcohol by the end of the tasting.

And guess what.  If you consume that much, when you get your blood work done, it can show up. Minor inflammation of the liver. According to the doctor, not dangerous and not nearly as bad as many people who simply binge over the weekends, but the fact is, something can be noted.

To me, that's a problem. I'm 6' 5", 230, low blood pressure, low cholesterol, etc., and if I go to the gym, run or bike daily, don't eat prepared foods, fast foods, etc., why would I want to cause problems thru some other mechanism?

The issue of course, isn't only how much one consumes, it's how much one consumes over what time. A few bottles a week won't be a problem if they're consumed over many hours. But if you do three or four bottles, and each time you kill a bottle within an hour or two, your liver can't process it as fast as it's coming in.

Happily, it's easily corrected. Just drink more Riesling. The same number of bottles and you're taking in 40% less alcohol.

Reply by amour, Jan 31, 2013.

Just popping in briefly......until I have more time to properly address all of these wonderful, insightful points.......

Thanks for sharing!

Want to emphasise that many great Sauternes are available at much lower price points than the names rated very highly by the BIG BOYS!


You really do need need a lot of money to enjoy good Sauternes....or good wine generally...and that is fantastic!.....Of course....each to his/her own taste...I RESPECT THAT!!!

Cheers all!

Reply by penguinoid, Feb 1, 2013.

Amour -- I love Sauternes too. I don't often have it -- like any wine from Bordeaux, it's pretty expensive by the time it gets to Australia -- but it's great as an ocaisional treat. I had a bottle of '05 Ch. Lamothe Guignard over Christmas and was suitably impressed. I need a cellar so I can seal a few bottles away for a decade or two and then revisit them, though ;-)

I've tried Billecart-Salmon once, and really enjoyed it but must admit I prefer Bollinger. But I'm not much of a Champagne drinker. On the odd occasions I can buy a more expensive bottle of wine, it tends to be Burgundy...

I've not tried Dagueneau's wines at all, but live in hope. Maybe if I visit the Loire again one day!

Reply by penguinoid, Feb 1, 2013.

Back to the original topic, I try to stick to half a bottle of wine an evening at most, and have a few nights a week when I don't drink at all. At the moment, I tend to only have wine two or three nights a week. I'm also fond of half bottles, but sadly it seems rare to actually find them in the wild.

I love restaurants that offer wine by the glass, or maybe by a medium sized carafe (say, 300 or 400mL or so). It can be disappointing though if all the good wines are only available for purchase as a full bottle.

Reply by amour, Feb 1, 2013.

So, PENGUINOID, you are in Australia, eh!

What do you think of YELLOW TAIL....any kind and all, if possible??!!!

I enjoy New Zealand's Kim Crawford...some, at any rate.

THIS THREAD IS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!...and why not!!!???!!!! HA HA!

Hope that not too many are offended....with so few threads buzzing, everyone should welcome this type and level of interaction!

Reply by darby, Feb 1, 2013.

Back to original post/question.  I drink lots of wine, I write about it. I'm a member of the Wine Century Club and I have just passed the 200 mark. Like James I used to drink a bottle at a sitting, usually with a meal. My partner drinks only white or rose and then very little.  Over the past year or so I have been cutting back on the drinking a bottle at a sitting. I just replace the screw cap and finish it off tomorrow.  In summer I put the half empty bottle into the fridge and let it return to room temperature next night.

Reply by jamessulis, Feb 1, 2013.

Interesting story seeing as AMOUR brought up the subject of Yellowtail. In 2005 I lived just outside Chicago (my home town) and there was a tasting at the local wine merchant a few blocks away. My brother in law and myself went to this wine tasting. There were 25 tasting stations of all varieties from many different places. We tasted a few then got to Yellowtail at the 4th or 5th station and we both liked their Shiraz a lot. We finished all the other stations after a snack which was provided by the wine store. We each bought a case of Yellowtail and at first we remarked with a bit of a buzz "did we really enjoy yellowtail that much over all the others?" The answer was yes and in the state of Illinois it was the first year Australia introduced Yellowtail on a large scale. My brother in law and I feel that we were the initial discovery customers for the Yellowtail brand.We still enjoy Yellowtail occasionally(out of our fond memory)  but with so many other choices of Cabernets living in the state of Washington, there are others that I prefer more. When I'm looking for a fruit bomb, I still purchase it occasionally.

Reply by penguinoid, Feb 4, 2013.

Amour - I've tried Yellowtail once, a Merlot. It wasn't all that bad, really, though nothing I'd be wanting to try again. However, I gather Yellowtail as sold in Australia is different to the wine sold in America under the same name. I've heard Yellowtail wines for the US market are bottled with more residual sugar than those for the Australian market. May as well think of them as different wines?

Reply by amour, Feb 4, 2013.

Interesting comments on that Yellow Tail!!!

I discovered a few days ago, that yet another very wealthy friend of mine, entertains with Yellow Tail cab!!!!!!

I have not been going to his parties, as he is in another country and I have not got around to travelling there.  Knowing his good taste in wine, I was anxious to share this purse-friendly info!!

Last time I drank with him, it was Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame, with its sheer elegance, finesse and interesting as well as pleasing aromatic after taste!!!

I am serious!!!

And today, he is far from broke!!!! Yet, he has no problem serving so called cheap wines, provided they taste really good!!!

Got the message guys???!!!!.... There are good wines at very reasonable prices; enjoyed by rich and poor alike!  Again, the beauty of wine consumption, even in not so good economic times!

(I just edited out the word recession; wanting to be politically correct!)

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