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Another sucky evening of Sonoma and Napa wines. Oh, we threw in a couple fereigners too.

Posted by outthere, Feb 23, 2015.

Fun evening tonight with friends, some old some new, great food and some stellar and others not so stellar wines. I even ventured outside Sonoma just for you Al.

Started with bubbles.

Bubbles done right. This was a very enjoyable starter.


New ultra-hip label. Left me kind of torn. The Gimonnet was in a different league. This reminded me of the Under The Wire Bedrock Sparkling Zinfandel. Fruity, tiny bubbles, more Lambrusco styled. Not bad but not in the league of Champagne. Don't get the hype.


Then it was on to a couple of chards.

This Evening Land left me wanting something. Namely acidity. Another hyped label that left me torn. Oh well.


The Peter Michael hit the spot though. Very well balanced, crisp, clean, enjoyable.


The winemaker for Drop Out, among others, was on hand and he brought his Albarińo. I've had this wine once before and really enjoyed it.

Great florals, juicy, tart, refreshing.


We had to eat. Some dry aged steaks from a rancher in Iowa fit the bill and the grill which. I was put in charge of. I think I did OK. Sides of Mushroom Risotto, grilled Asparagus and Broccoli Salad.


Uh, yeah!


Had to have some reds to go with the beef.

This was one kinda hard and very acidic for its age. Ovid makes a 100pt wine from the same vineyard. This bottle had an awesome nose but needed a touch more fruit as it was very red and tart for a Cab.


Pinot from Mendocino? I've had Zinfandel from Perli vineyard under the Edmeades label but Pinot? This was a touch big and ripe. Could have used a cool climate touch. Not bad but just not un the league of the next two.



Now we're talkin', this Fourrier nailed it. Back up the truck on 2011 Fourrier VV. Hum Baby!


If the Fourrier was a Hum Baby then this Selyem was a Hum Dinger. Second time with this wine. One of the single greatest Pinots I have ever had the pleasure to drink. Blind you would say an aged Burg from a ripe vintage. Just a stellar bottle of wine.


Well, there's a dog in every lineup. This wasn't presented with great expectations and it lived up to them. Nose was apple juice from and blow-up air mattress. Fruit was extremely tart green apple with a bunch of RS. I guess this is what they drink in Vermont along with their maple syrup.


Reply by GregT, Feb 23, 2015.

Cool OT, but I would have brought some back-up. Too many unpredictables. Interesting about that Steltzner though - I thought they owned their own vineyards? Do they sell to Ovid? I actually have a few from the 1980s and your opinion is the same as one of my friends - he thinks they lack fruit too. I bought him a case back in the early 1990s and he tried a bottle and told me to keep it because it was fruitless. So I ended up with an extra case.

But really - sparkling Zinfandel? WTF?

I want to try that Albarino though.

Reply by JonDerry, Feb 23, 2015.

Have always dismissed Evening Land as generic, throw-away kind of stuff. Glad to see your note confirm.

Had the Fourrier a few months back as some might recall, and Dave chided me for drinking too early. Think you may have liked it better than I did, but it sounds like you tasted it after some plonk so that will always flatter the wine. Anyhow, the Fourrier I recall tasting a little more like California than France. May have to revisit that one.

Reply by dmcker, Feb 23, 2015.

Any more bottles of the '93 Williams Selyem Cohn lying around in your neighborhood, Brian? Condition of that bottle looks pristine, too, as far as we can see it, anyway.

And how many times have we seen comments on these boards (and on others) about PN not lasting past a decade...?

The Fourrier GC VV may have been open breathing longer in OT's case than yours, JD. No?

Who did the risotto? Didn't see any on your plate...  ;-)

Reply by outthere, Feb 23, 2015.

The Fourrier didn't have a bunch of air, it was popped open maybe a half hour before we ate. This is the most approachable one I've had young. For me that's a plus as I am a cork popper for the most part.

Greg, the Ultramarine was Pinot Noir Rosé sparkler not a sparkling Zin but the Under The Wire was. We had the UTW at my Syrah offline beside the Billecart Salmon Rosé. Didn't you try it?

Dave I put the Risotto on my plate after I took the pic and realized I had forgot it. The host made it. Special super secret recipe. Took him 20 min from start to finish. The Cohn was bought a few years back as a six pack from K&L back before they did auctions. $50/bottle, he has 2 left.

Reply by JonDerry, Feb 23, 2015.

Folks are real serious about their Risotto  aren't they?  Sounds like a good time anyway, with a pretty big variance among the wines quality wise. Good to have that contrast sometimes.

Re: the Fourrier many burgs are approachable and interesting to drink young (especially these days as there are more modernists making wine), and of course a totally different thing than at maturity. As long as the wine isn't closed like that Corton Charlie on Friday.

Reply by outthere, Feb 23, 2015.

Good to have that contrast sometimes.

It helps keep you grounded.

Reply by Really Big Al, Feb 23, 2015.

That spread of food looks great and it must have been wonderful to sample so many different wines while eating it.  Of all those wines shown, I think the 1993 Williams Selyem RRV Pinot Noir would have been my favorite.  

Reply by outthere, Feb 23, 2015.

Yeah?  What is it about aged Selyem that you find most interesting?

Reply by Really Big Al, Feb 24, 2015.

I have not yet tasted what you would consider an aged Pinot Noir.  Probably 90% of the PN's that I've had were less than 8 years of age (my favorites have been from Oregon), so I would be very interested in knowing how well a PN can hold up over time.  In checking the wineries web page I understand there is a long-term focus on producing highly-rated PN's.   

Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 24, 2015.

I'll tell you our secret for good risotto:  Buy the rice at the Milan airport.  For years we were complaining about the crap risotto at Trader Joe's, so I brought some back last May when I went to Italy.  Now my wife wants me to bug GdP to bring some back and she'll pick it up when she is in NY.  I think we can find a better answer.  Oh, and another thing:  use duck stock when cooking your risotto.  Waaaay better than chicken.  Duck taco night pays dividends all year long. 

Fun lineup. Steltzner owns a chunk of  Stags Leap.  So I wonder if that older wine, which predates the AVA designation, might actually be from SL?  That was the last year they made it in someone else's facility, FWIW--I checked the website. 

At $65 and up for a bottle, I'm not backing up the truck for the Fourrier. 

BTW, is it intentional that "vineyard" is misspelled on the Dropout label? 

Reply by outthere, Feb 24, 2015.

It was dropped out!

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