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Apple Wine

Posted by GracePetruska, Jul 28, 2010.

Does anyone know of any chain grocery stores that might sell some apple wine? I've been trying to find some and can't.


Reply by Carly Wray, Jul 28, 2010.

At a chain grocery store, you're probably gonna be stuck with cider (not a bad alternative if you're really looking for apple-based alcohol).

It'll be harder to come by, but, if you want to stick with the apple-wine theme, track down some Neige - an ice-cider from Quebec. It's just lovely.

Reply by jcjrogers, Jul 28, 2010.

I think a grocery store will be tough.  The other problem is that there are country (fruit) wines out there that taste like crap-- simply made as tourist gimmicks.  Your best bet is to find a place that makes.  Realistically, you might have to go online to find.  You might also find a home winemaker to give you a bottle.  I'm a home winemaker, but have never made apple wine.

Reply by dynowine, Jul 29, 2010.

I just finished a bottle of Pheasant Valley Pear wine (Hood River, OR) which had 10% abv and a nice streak of wet steel cutting through the deep pear flavor.   A persimmon wine is waiting in the cellar.

For fruit wines check out Jack Keller of Pleasanton, TX.   He's won numerous awards for various fruit wines, and even posts some recipes on the web.   He contributes (regularly) to Winemaker magazine.

I'm not helping out with where-to-buy question, but Keller might be a place to email to find out what distribution channels or producers might be in your part of the country.

Reply by dmcker, Jul 29, 2010.

Don't knock cidre from Normandy. An *extremely* refreshing beverage. Goes well with their savory crepes, and I often find myself longing for the combination. But by itself on a hot afternoon, or in many combinations where beer also works, that slightly effervescent, alcoholic apple (or pear) cider from France really hits the spot. Great QPR, too.

Reply by jcjrogers, Jul 29, 2010.

I doubt Keller will respond to an email (he says exactly that on his website).  Here's a website I participate on, as does Keller.  Posters range from first time wine makers to winery owners and wine kit manufacturers: .  Go to the "Country Fruit Winemaking" section.

Making your own apple wine is a great idea.  However if you don't want to make yourself, it is likely someone on the Winepress forum can direct you to a quality apple wine and where to obtain.  Heck, if someone lives close to you, they'll probably give you a bottle.  Most winemakers (including me) like the satisfaction of someone else enjoying their wine.  Hence, they are often more than willing to give a few bottles away. 


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