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Aussie Pinot Noirs

Posted by Stephen Harvey, May 17, 2017.

Aussie Pinot Noir

Best Regions

Adelaide Hills - South Australia

Mornington Peninsula - SE of Melbourne Vic

Yarra Valley - NE of Melbourne Victoria

Geelong - SW of Melbourne Victoria


Some abberations from Macedon Ranges North of Melbourne, Beechworth NNE of Melbourne and Gippsland East of Melbourne


My Favourite Makers

Adelaide Hills

Ashton Hills [3rd best in Oz]


Shaw and Smith 

Murdoch Hill

Mornington Peninsula

Yabby Lake

Main Ridge [2nd best in Oz]

Paringa Estate

Yarra Valley

Mount Mary


Coldstream Hills



By Farr [Gary - Father]

Farr Rising [Nick Son]


Macedon Ranges





Bass Phillip [Best in OZ]



Domaine A


Generally our Pinots are slightly more fruit driven than Burgundy, however as vine age and clone selection get better they are heading more towards Burgundy.

I would suggest we will not get to be truly the same as Burgundy in general the ability of the wines to be complex and change in glass is improving dramatically as time passes.

Our best 3 at their top single vineyard level are certainly in Premier Cru Class and Bass Phillip Reserve has been compared by many as being of Grand Cru quality [and heading into GC pricing]

Most of our top Pinots are in the AUD50-100 range


On comparison to NZ Pinots

Probably heading more like Martinborough - Ata Rangi rather than Central Otago - Felton Road

I tend to feel Central Otago can be too much on the raspberry fruit characteristic and lacking some more meaty earthy characteristics



Reply by dmcker, May 17, 2017.

Thanks, Stephen, good info.

Any tips on which are more fruit forward and which more restrained? And those that age the best?

Reply by Stephen Harvey, May 17, 2017.

Bass Phillip certainly a most restrained along with Main Ridge and Ashton Hills

These three makers have focused most of their time on getting the right clone selection for their respective sites and have tried to be as true to Burgundy as possible

Mount Mary is also very much focused on restraint and the more meaty earthy style of burgundy

Most of the Top end wine of the makers I have listed will age well to at least 10 years in good vintage years

Bass Phillip have been able to get around 20+ on their Reserve and Premium Range

Unfortunately most of our Vineyards are less than 20 years old so we are really work in progress on the ageing side of the equation

Bass Phillip have the advantage of 30+ Years in their vineyards


Reply by JonDerry, May 17, 2017.

Thanks Stephen, even Oregon has a ways to go on these issues of selection and vine age.

I was out dining last night at an Italian restaurant, and in the mood to try a good Pinot Nero, but the producers were not so hot, was more of a house wine. 

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