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Beware of the Thief

Posted by jamessulis, Oct 27, 2012.

I have a small patch of what I think are Pinot Noir grapes. When we bought the property the grapevine ran wild. I took down the broken arbor, trimmed back the appropriate vines. Built a wire system going East and West and waited for the grapes to come. First year, nothing so with a little investigation these grapes grow on second year shoots. So back to the pruning board, then the wait until September. The grapes were plenty, sweet and delicious. I gave 30lbs to a friend and she made Pinot Noir Jelly. This year the grapes were more than I had ever seen, I was excited and was thinking of the possibly of trying my hand at Winemaking 101. During the month of September I had also planned a vacation to New Mexico, was gone for 7 days and upon returning my grapes were GONE. I thought maybe  a neighbor helped themselves but no, I know my neighbors wouldn't do that. I thought maybe the birds ate them, no........evidence showed not only the grapes completely gone but the stems too. Talking to a friend that has had more experience in grape theft, heres the end of the story. RACOONS, beware of the RACOONS they don't seem to care about my jelly or my wine making aspirations. No wonder they wear masks!

Lefty The Great Pacific Northwest


Reply by napagirl68, Oct 28, 2012.

Awww... Sorry, Lefty!

Racoons are scoundrels!   I still haven't discovered their beneficial place on earth, so to speak.  Hopefully you will have a great harvest next year, and plan your vacation accordingly!  LOL!

Reply by Richard Foxall, Oct 29, 2012.

If fur coats were not vilified, racoons would have a purpose. 

Here in the urban core, they torment the skunks, the skunks spray, and our yard smells horrible for days.  I came home the other night and heard a skunk in the throes of torture.  Hurried inside to avoid the spray, but the next morning, the evidence was olfactorily obvious.  Sadly, a skunk's defense mechanism assures that no other being will come to its aid.

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