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ch fombrauge

Posted by vrusu, Dec 9, 2008.

Tonight I opened a 2004 ch fombrauge. I pretty much got this because is st emilion. I was thinking of storing more for some 5-6 years but now I'm not sure. There are interesting blackberries and fruit jam notes, but is a bit sweet for my taste. I was wondering what other people think vis-a-vis this wine.


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Dec 10, 2008.

Hey Vrusu, you should post this on the wine's detail page;
That way you can easily find your note, compare your tasting note with other people's as they are added and add to the resources available to people contemplating either opening or buying the wine.

I have not had this particular wine so I can't comment specifically but in generally this may just still be exhibiting alot of babyfat. i would expect some of the overtly fruity sweetness to integrate over the next few years when this should exhibit a more typical profile.

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