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Posted by jamessulis, Oct 29, 2010.

I posted a review recently on a wine called Solex Chardonnay.  I think I desecribe it accurately and was the first to review this wine.  I went back the following day and edited my review after tasting another glass.  To my amazement, I tasted LICORACE !  Is this possible? So I sipped it again and sure enough with the stone fruits of apricot there was definitely a taste of licorace.  Someone please tell me if this is common in chardonnay's.  I have been practicing with my taster on all of the wines I consume and I am very objective with my taste buds that is to say that I taste, sip, take air in, chew it, and try to place the correct words to what my taste buds are telling me and my taste buds say licorace, not one day, but on the second day also. Someone confirm that this is a normal taste in some chards. 

Sincerely, Lefty- The Great Pacific Northwest


Reply by zufrieden, Oct 29, 2010.

Well, lefty, licorice is quite a common olfactory response with certain Chardonnay wines; par example, some Premier Cru Chablis.  And generally, the spicier, somewhat bitter elements can emerge later - although usually with a sweetness evocative of those old cigar licorice candies you may recall (like me) from my childhood.

On the other hand, Solex may just have these qualities in spades.  When you say licorice, there is sweet and there is, well dry and bitter - like a Swiss cough-drop...  

Reply by jamessulis, Oct 30, 2010.

Thanks zufrieden,

You hit the nail on the head, the descripton of sweet-dry-bitter is exactly what I experienced. Thank you thank you thank you!  I'll go on with my mental smelling tasting describing technique in my future wine tastings with assurance and zeal. I like that licorace taste, it's quite new to me in a Chardonnay.

Lefty - The Great Pacific Northwest

Reply by napagirl68, Oct 31, 2010.

Hi Lefty,

Not unheard of at all in chards....

I balked recently when trying to describe a Sauv Blanc from Santa cruz mtns  that a had taste I equated to eucalyptus.. it was a great sauv blanc (to me), and also had a yeasty bread component.  I thought I was crazy (and I am still learning to pull these flavors out)...  so I thought I'd ck some other sites which rated and critiqued the wine, and I indeed saw eucalyptus and yeast... so I am not crazy.. at least not that day!

Reply by dmcker, Oct 31, 2010.

Napagirl, have you had Sean Thackrey's wines? They always have the scent of eucalyptus to me, across his range of offerings. Strange, since his winery is in a Marin eucalyptus grove... ;-)

Reply by napagirl68, Oct 31, 2010.

No, I haven't.  Is there certain one you recommend?

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Oct 31, 2010.

Licorace, I presume is merely a misspell for licorice or liquorice.

I did a quick bit of google research and Wiki suggests that is has similar profile to Anise and Fennell etc

The flavor of liquorice comes mainly from a sweet-tasting compound called anethole ("trans"-1-methoxy-4-(prop-1-enyl)benzene), an aromatic, unsaturated ether compound also found in anise, fennel, and other herbs.

So I suspect many of us might have detected the similar flavour profiles.

Must admit licrice did not come to mind, but probably due to not eaten it in any meaningful way for about 30+ years.

NG - Interesting eucalyptus pick on SB, will keep it in mind next time I try one

Reply by dmcker, Nov 1, 2010.

NG, I'd suggest you get his whole range of offerings, across a couple of vintages. Have a sit down, drink and contemplate. Let me know how you find him.

I like guys like him who come out of totally non-winemaking-educated, Davis-like backgrounds. Who build the best ancient-source library on winemaking covering a couple of millenia. Who throw commonplace, current commonsense practices to the winds. And come up with some very interesting wines. I personally like his website. Outthere doesn't.... ;-)

Reply by napagirl68, Nov 1, 2010.

@dmcker - will look into his wines...

@SH - I am not sure that eucalyptus would be commonly found in your sauv blancs or not.  It is not typical even in the CA ones I have tasted, which is why I was doubting myself.  I have only tasted it in this particular wine.. not a common finding in the SB's that I typically drink.

Reply by jamessulis, Nov 1, 2010.

Stephen Harvey,  Sory bout dat,

Yes, I ment to speal Licorace, Licorice.


Lefty - The Great Pacivic Northwet

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Nov 2, 2010.

James did not mean to be pedantic, but I have been caught when I assume what people mean so I will often ask a dumb question to make sure I am on right track

Its the audit training!!!!

Reply by outthere, Nov 2, 2010.

NG - Start with the Thackrey Plieades. It's a NV blend of many, many varietals. The XVIII and now the XIX are out there in most decent wine stores. You will find mint and euc notes in these. He also does a real big Petite Sirah named Sirius and a red napa blend called Orion among many others. A very unique winemaker with outstanding offerings.

Reply by napagirl68, Nov 3, 2010.

Thanks, outthere.... I will give it a try and post a new thread after I buy/taste it.

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