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Posted by JonDerry, Dec 3, 2015.

Anyone ever drink Chartreuse?

Just became aware of this liquor lately, and we had some in Vegas recently, strong but complex and enjoyable, kind of a better version of Absinthe.

Also interesting that the color Chartreuse originates from the drink, not the other way around.



Reply by Mike in Kiyv, Dec 3, 2015.

One of my past wives referred to Green Chartreuse as "110 Proof Scope Mouthwash".

I can say this wife is long gone and Chartreuse has remained in my life. It is still my favorite after dinner drink. It's complexity has never ceased to amaze me - herbal, delicate flavors that manage to go around the high alcohol content. It's made by a group of monks who have passed the recipe down many hundreds of years.

I have found it best served absolutely chilled to the max - taken from your freezer and served over a couple ice cubes. For more info on the history:  www.chartreuse.fr/en/histoire/history-of-the-chartreuse-liqueurs/

Wonderful product!


Reply by dmcker, Dec 3, 2015.

First encountered the drink when I was in my 20s and sharing my boss' favorite after-dinner drink. He was more a yellow guy but I quickly moved on to green.  ;-)  I later spent a big chunk of a winter near Grenoble, and had some mates who pretty much took it intravenously. I didn't go that far, but after a day on the mountain a few glasses went down easily and didn't hammer the way they do at home or at a bar after a day of work in the city. I discovered during that trip that it also works with cigars.

I agree with Mike about the ice cubes--the bigger the better. The idea of warm chartreuse is a bit scary...

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