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Chateau Carbonnieux Graves Rouge Pessac Leognan 1995

Posted by mscho59, Sep 17, 2008.
Details for Chateau Carbonnieux Graves Rouge Pessac Leognan 1995

I was hoping for some opinion regarding this wine. I was given a bottle on my 40th birthday and told to hide it in the cellar til my 50th. The big day is coming this winter and i will be opening the bottle. I have never tasted a wine of this character and would love some decanting, breathing, serving suggestions. Any ideas would help. thanks


Reply by Philip James, Sep 22, 2008.

We dont have any information on that specific vintage, but here's some other vintages from the same winery:
You can get a good overview of what the wine should taste like from these.

As for decanting, breathing etc, I'd expect the following: the wines aged, but not terribly old, so there will be sediment, but it's not so fragile that it wont withstand decanting. Assuming its on its side now, turn it upright a few days before to allow the sediment to settle, decant in good light and either through a filter, or the preferred method is to stop pouring before the sediment is reached.

I dont think it will need all that long to breathe, and the decanting aerates it fairly well. Pour a glass immediately after decanting and enjoy. Over the next hour you may notice it open up, but its hard to be too precise on things like this. If its better after an hour, then good, but if there's no difference that doesnt matter either.

If the wine were 50 years old there would be a real concern that it would begin to fade after 15 minutes of air time...

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Sep 22, 2008.

Hey Mscho,
Carbonnieux is a solid producer of Graves. These Cabernet based wines from Bordeaux tend to be on the elegant end of the spectrum with fine smoky tones on the nose and supple currant fruit. Just a bit of trivia the name Graves comes from the gravelly ridges dominate the soil of the region.

Your wine comes from a soft, approachable vintage and should be at it's peak now and over the next few years. In general wines will benefit from decanting but I hate to miss the aromatic evolution by leaving the wine in the decanter and ignoring it! You'll have a great experience by opening the wine before serving and decanting it off it's sediment. Once in the decanter the wine should open up rather quickly and will be rather giving after maybe 45 minutes. I would expect the last sips to be the best, but that's pretty much always the case!

Make sure you serve the wine at an appropriate temperature, say 65F or less. The classic pairing for Bordeaux is lamb and this bottle should be a smashing companion for a nice rack of lamb!

I hope you have a great experience with this bottle at please do come back and let us know how it was!

Reply by mscho59, Sep 22, 2008.

Thanks for the help. My 50th and my daughter's 20th are on the same day and this will be our celebratory bottle. Don't tell anyone that i'm serving an "under 21"! The lamb is a wonderful idea! One on my specialties and perfect for the season.
I have only one bottle and am serving 4. Can anyone suggest a second bottle to compliment this?

Reply by mscho59, Sep 22, 2008.

Thanks for the help. I am thrilled by the lamb suggestion. It's a big favorite of mine and perfect for the season. My 50th and my daughter's 20th are on the same day and this will be our celebratory bottle. I will be serving 4 or more. Can anyone suggest a complimentary second bottle to finish off the meal? i'll be sure to let everyone know how it turns out.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Sep 23, 2008.

What sort of wine would you be looking for and at what price point? There are so many options, another 95, another Graves from a different vintage, a new world Caberenet from the same vintage or even a complete different type of wine! You might want to track down a nice bottle of Syrah, particularly a Northern Rhone. It's another great match for lamb and a great contrast to the Graves.

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