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Chateau La Blancherie-Peyret

Posted by twoppointsix, Jun 15, 2008.

I was given a couple of 1987 bottles from the above chateau almost 20 years ago. They were given to me as a special gift and as a result I have yet to drink them.

Can anyone suggest whether they are worth keeping any longer or should I just open and enjoy?

I await your thoughts



Reply by Philip James, Jun 16, 2008.

Hmm, i checked on Snooth and there's no price information or too many indicators for wines from this Chateau. There are some wine matches, but from different vintages.

I would have said you should email the winery and ask them directly. 20 years is certainly long enough for even the most tannic monster to have aged well. The wine's from Graves, so its probably got enough tannin to age well.

I googled the name of the winery and snooth's page came up first, but i couldnt see a link to the winery themselves sadly. sorry.

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