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Chateauneuf du pape v Bordeaux

Posted by rolifingers, Sep 8, 2010.

I prefer Chateaneuf du pape over Bordeaux anytime. Does anyone else swing to the left ?


Reply by dmcker, Sep 8, 2010.

Not entirely clear where the comparison comes from. Care to give us more explanation? And where do the northern Rhone syrahs, or the pinot noirs further north in Burgundy come in? Or New World versions...?   ;-)

And whose C9dPs have you particularly liked?

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Sep 8, 2010.

Chateauneuf rarely rings my bell. I'll stick with Bordeaux!

Reply by rolifingers, Sep 15, 2010.

Just about every Chateauneuf I've tried I liked very much.Can't recall which chateaux wines I have had but I've always prefered them over Bordeaux.I find CdP a little more complex then Bordeaux.

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Sep 16, 2010.

In both regions the good are very and the bad is crap

I personally try not to judge region v region but to go with each wine as it presents itself.

Benchmarking Coonawarra against Bordeaux or Margaret River against Napa or Yarra against Sonoma on a comparable varietal basis is a good fun and a great way to understand the regions.

CdP is a great region and is a great benchmark for similar grenache based wines from Aust/NZ/US etc but to compare to Bordeaux does not make sense to me as you are trying compare different fruit kinda ike comparing Napa Apples to Sonoma Oranges. 

Reply by dmcker, Sep 16, 2010.

Would like to see a Sonoma orange, Stephen! You could say Alameda lemons (Foxall and NG), but better for both if you say Santa Barbara or points further south... ;-)

Reply by dmcker, Sep 16, 2010.

Oh, and Sonoma is famous for its apples, while Napa's a bit warm. Melons and squash?

Reply by GregT, Sep 16, 2010.

rolifingers - which have you tried and which vintages?  As others have pointed out, there's not that much to compare, so I guess one can have clear preferences, much like one can prefer broccoli to green beans or apples to oranges.  Personally I like the idea of CdP and always want to like them a lot.  Occasionally I do but more often they're disappointing.  Not that I don't like S Rhone wines of course, but for the prices they're now charging, the CdPs still remain a kind of OK wine, not a wine to seek out.  We had 12 S Rhones from the 2007, some quite highly rated by various critics and basically, they sucked.  Of course I was on serious antibiotics and everything tasted like burnt hair and metal but still.

Bordeaux on the other hand, is NOT my go-to wine either.  The better ones, and even the OK ones, are just not reasonably priced any more. 
"Oh, you can get a pretty nice one for only $40."  For $40 I want great.


Reply by Stephen Harvey, Sep 16, 2010.


Sadly economics does not allow great in a red wine for $40.

I live and breathe the boring numbers of wine on a daily basis, grappling with realisable value for millions of litres of bulk red, trying to determine what what 2010 irrigated region Chardonnay is worth a litre on the bulk market

Any high quality red wine that is delivering a reasonable living to its owner/winemaker based on some decent return on grapes and some decent new french oak requires at least a retail price to us punters of $50 [in Aust or US] and given Napa land prices maybe more.

But wine is a great product and we get great stuff at a reasonable price and we get aspirational stuff at silly prices.  Its like cars, There is no rational argument to spend a quarter of a crapload on a Lambo and I can't get close to justifying the price of insuring the beast but if I could afford one I would probably buy it, just like I would love to buy a horse that could win the Breeders Cup [or Melbourne Cup here]

DRC is $3-5k a bottle and I bet every Snoother would love the chance to have a crack a trying a glass. 

CdP is a strange beast any grenache based wine is so different to Barossa Shiraz, Napa Cabernet and Bordeaux Left Banks but when its good its excellent like most regions.

I had a 06 Vieux Telegraphe the weekend and it is a seriously good wine [and fun to drink] $90 retail is expensive but it was very good and I was really impressed with the wine.

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