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Check out a great project to recover Sumoll, the Mediterranean Pinot Noir!

Posted by Ricardo Forn Palacin, Jun 1, 2012.


Sumoll is an indigenous varietal of Catalunya and is not found anywhere else. It has been recovered and there is a strong commitment to make great quality wines of Sumoll. 
We're setting up a unique winemaking experience, we want to produce a high quality Sumoll wine, and we'll be designing the wine, branding and funding online. 
Check out our campaign at
Ricardo Forn


Reply by dmcker, Jun 1, 2012.

Rather than just the link, would you be kind enough to explain things in more detail here about what you're aiming for, near term and longer term expectations, who's involved, etc.?

Reply by Ricardo Forn Palacin, Jun 1, 2012.

Sure, just trying to be concise!

2012 Sumoll Wine Challenge. Join the first global wine making event, help us recover an almost extinct grape variety and produce a once in a lifetime wine!


The 2012 Sumoll Wine Challenge is a unique experience in winemaking. First of all, you will be helping us to bring back a long abandoned grape variety, of which only about 250 hectares still exist in the world (a hectare is roughly the size of a football field). The Sumoll grape, autochthonous of the Catalan region, has been abandoned in favor of varieties more suited for white sparkling wine. It is time to produce Sumoll red wine again!!!

Recovering the sumoy variety is the main challenge, but producing custom made wine together with a large community is also a unique adventure! We’ll be providing updates on how the grapes are doing, posting videos so you see what's going on at the winery, and more importantly, we'll ask for your opinion on a range of subjects... Should we make a more or less tannic wine? How should we name it? Should we go for a short shelf life or is it better to keep it for ageing? We hope to raise a large community where you can share your love of wine and learn more about winemaking.

As long as we're at it, why not have some more fun? We plan to hold an online wine tasting contest... we don't think it's ever been done before! We'll be sending you some wine samples from our current wines, you'll have to determine what they are on our online platform. The winner gets to come to Barcelona right on harvest day, help us with destemming and getting the wine started in the fermentation bin.

Sounds exciting? We think so too!

So what will we be doing exactly with your contribution? Basically, we need to buy grapes and make wine… barrels, fermentation bins, labels and all the rest. We’ve already located the sumoy grapes, we’ll be sourcing from 40 year old vines real close to our winery.

Of course your main perk will be getting wine in exchange! After all, you’ll be partly responsible for the outcome. But we want you to enjoy as much as you can as winemakers, so we hope you participate in the winetasting contest and make the most of the community.

For us, the main reward will be to help with the sumoy variety’s comeback! Preserving this neglected variety is definitely worth the effort.

We hope you are as excited as we are, and even if you can’t contribute, please spread the word and make as much noise about our campaign as you can! The more barrels we make, the more we’ll be helping sumoy.

A few words about us

225L Wine Company is a custom wine making facility based in Spain. We are focused on making small lots of wine where our customers are the winemakers, and are able to choose their own level of involvement. As winemakers, our clients decide on their grapes, fermentation techniques, and all the decisions throughout the winemaking process. Our typical customer makes a single batch (one barrel) and shares the experience with his friends.

For this project we have partnered with Vinissimus, the leading internet retailer for Spanish wines. Vinissimus was founded in 2006, has more than 20.000 satisfied customers all over Europe and has grown to be the most complete catalogue for Spanish wines with over 3.000 entries. Vinissimus will be helping us with deliveries, and spreading the word on sumoy’s comeback!

Please check the details and contribute at
Reply by dmcker, Jun 1, 2012.

OK, well I guess I opened myself up for that, but the whole press release was a bit of overkill. How about you just talking to us here as real people?  ;-)

Reply by Ricardo Forn Palacin, Jun 2, 2012.

Maybe I did overdo it a lillte bit!

We're just a small custom winemaking cellar based in Barcelona region, and we REALLY want to make a Sumoll wine! Our goal is to start by making at least 3.000 bottles this september.

I've tasted the few Sumoll wines out there (all from this region of course), and I think it has great potential. It's a delicate grape, fresh and with a high acidity, very unusual for our climate. Unfortunately most Sumoll vines are in danger of being uprooted in favor of varietals dedicated to the gigantic cava industry.

The money we get from the crowdfunding event will go into buying grapes, equipment and making the wine, and in exchange we'll be sending back bottles of Sumoll red, so it's really a very good deal. 

If we get a large enough community we'll also be doing things like a winetasting contest or designing the wine together, so that contributors also get to see what winemaking is about.





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