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Cheese Pairing Help needed

Posted by shawkes, Dec 8, 2011.



Greetings to all, I am hosting a party on Sunday and need cheese pairing help. Do not have alot of money to spend on many cheeses, so I would like suggestions that can cover all of the following wines.  I have a

  1. Late harvest reisling
  2. German spatlese
  3. Stella rosa red               Need 2 or 3 cheeses that will pair well with all these wines. Thanks!


Reply by Giacomo Pevere, Dec 8, 2011.

About numer 1 i suppose late harvest riesling is medium sweet or sweet and blue cheese is perfect (spicy taste of cheese is a perfect fit for sweet wine). Try it and u will say TY!

About number 2: the german spatlese is dry, medium dry or medium sweet? If on the label is write "Spatlese trocken" or "Halbtrocken" the wine is dry and you can buy some not salty young cheese or fresh goat cheese ( i don't know if in USA is the same as in italy, our goat cheese is usually young, fresh and soft to spread on bread ), if the spatlese is medium dry or medium sweet u can use the same cheese of late harvest (blue cheese), actualy spatlese mean exactly "late harvest" in german wines but in recent years have produced both types ( dry and medium sweet ) with late harvest grapes.

I don't know the third one and i never taste it but i've find it on web and is a young, refreshing red wine. Maybe can be ok with some salty young, soft or hard cheese.


If u are interested in Italian cheese i can suggest:

1 with "Gorgonzola" (blue cheese)

2 with "Caprino" (goat cheese)

3 with "Taleggio" (salty young soft cheese)


Have a good party!


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Dec 9, 2011.

Nice suggestions.

I like the blue with late harvest riesling, other cheese worth considering might include Cambozola and Fourme d'Aubert.


Giacobbepavese gave a great rundown for the Spatlese, all I would add is that really goof dry Jack cheese can be a nice pairing there.

I was just in Santo Stefano de Belbo, the heart of moscato d'Asti land and the home of the Stella rosa red, last week.  This sweet, frizzante red is perfect for ripe, washed rind cheese like the teleggio, a good munster, or Livarot.


Let us know what you pair with your wines and how the matches work!


Reply by Giacomo Pevere, Dec 12, 2011.

News from your party?

How matches cheese?

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