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Dollar Tree in Orangevale, CA has Vino? Yes!

Posted by AvaLemert, Nov 23, 2017.

Italian Wines, for $1 each?

Yes. I found them, and they're quite nice! Well, I have to admit that for about a year now, my favorite type of wine is Pinot Grigio. But I have to say, the Soave Classico is what I'm sipping now and it is very SMOOTH. Unbelievable for a buck. This is the Orangevale, California Dollar Tree and they also have a Moscato, but my taste buds have changed and I don't really go for the sweeter wines as much now. I do like fruity but lighter ones, Pinot and Rosé seem to be my types!


Reply by Really Big Al, Nov 23, 2017.

At that price, you should be buying a few cases.  Good find.  I wonder how they can make a profit as the bottles are probably worth more than a buck. Older vintages of white wines don't hold up well in general.  Do you think they still taste fresh?

Reply by outthere, Nov 24, 2017.

It’s Pinot Grigio, there’s nothing to hold up.

BTW, it retails for around $13-$16. Three year old vintage, the distributor dumped it.

Reply by dmcker, Nov 24, 2017.

But then again 2012 and 2014 are hardly all that much 'older vintage's (at least in the case of 'white wine' in general, not PG--ever had any aged white Burgundy, Mosel or Rhein riesling, Champage blanc de blancs, Loire chenin blanc, various from the Jura, Sauternes or Tokaji or Madeira, etc., etc. Al??), even if these bottles are of cheap swill served from spigots to fill empty gallon jugs back home in Italy. Though this particular grape is kinda suited to primeur servings and doesn't often travel well, the idea that white wines 'don't age well' is one of wine publicists' fake-news urban-myth marketing ploys ('buy and drink now!').

Pinot Grigio, what's to be said. My first experience was with travel damaged versions back at the beginning of the '80s, and wasn't impressed. If I've had (only) 100 bottles since then, maybe five, at most, were memorable. Even pinot gris from good winemakers tastes like a bridge too far for their expertise and time....

I've been happiest when cooking with it.  :-)

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