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Happy Easter - what are you eating and drinking this weekend?

Posted by Cathy Shore, Apr 3, 2010.

Just wanted to wish all you fellow Snoothians a Happy Easter and am interested to know what you've been eating and drinking.  You'll have to wait a week for my answers on this one as we are working this weekend so are delaying family celebrations until next week. 

In the meantime, have you been treating yourselves?

Best wishes





Reply by John Andrews, Apr 3, 2010.

Not sure what my friends are cooking for brunch but I'm taking some wine with me.  I'm going to be taking 3 wines as there will be 8 adults there:

  • First is going to be something unique I got from New Zealand - A sparkling Sauvignon Blanc called Savee from Mount Riley
  • A California Pinot Noir 
  • A dessert wine

Haven't put too much thought into the second and third wines but I'm thinking maybe a Williams Seylem Pinot Noir and the dessert wine might be a port. 

Reply by zufrieden, Apr 4, 2010.

Since the Canadian government appears to owe me a modest sum for a change (we must legally file our tax returns by April 30th), I am thinking of celebrating with an NV Champagne - perhaps Jacquesson Brut Cuvee 732.

But other possibilities abound.  Any other lucky tax return lottery winners out there in Canada and the US?


Reply by Flamefighter, Apr 4, 2010.

We will have something light before dinner, I'm not sure what my wife and daughter will want, I put a bottle of Firestone’s Dry Cab Franc in the cooler in case they want that but anything light is up to them, I will have a beer while preparing dinner and leave the wine to dinner.  For some reason I prefer wine with food rather than as cocktail. 

Dinner will be Honey ham, Munster (cheese) potatoes the traditional green bean casserole, etc and I have a couple of bottles of Carneros Creek Pinot Noir Reserve or a Melville Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills.  I haven’t pre-tested either wine but I have had Melville’s before and they are usually very good, although, one year I did have a bad bottle.  When I opened a second bottle of the same wine it was fine, so it must have just been something unique to that one bottle.  Nevertheless, my daughter was grossed out by the first bottle refused to taste the second and swore off Pinot Noir.  Now I am trying to woo her back so I will probably open the Carneros Creek just so she doesn’t think I am trying to poison her with a Melville.  If I left the choice up to her she would drink Zin or Cab with everything but I want her to see there are other good wines that are more food friendly with certain foods.   

I am not sure what dessert is since my daughter is bringing it but I have an EOS Zinfandel Port that should go good with whatever she brings or all by itself.  It is one of my favorites and one reason I stay with the EOS club.


Reply by VegasOenophile, Apr 4, 2010.

I am bringing a Beringer 2006 reserve chardonnay for the ham dinner.  Not sure if I'll be doing cocktails or wine the afternoon leading up to dinner.  I thought perhaps I'd open my Husic Chardonnay or Mount Eden Chardonnay, but those are too good to take to my parents' house, as they're white zin, lambrusco, riesling (sweeter and lighter in general) folks lol.

Reply by zufrieden, Apr 4, 2010.

Well, I guess this lapsed Christian decided that the Jaquessson Brut was not quite sufficient to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the simultaneous resurrection of his taxable portfolio: I also opened a wonderful Bordeaux (Chateau Haut-Bergey Blanc 2006).  This Cru Bourgeois is highly recommended by the Wine Spectator and I have to agree with them at this point.

Anyway, Happy Easter to you all!

Reply by dmcker, Apr 4, 2010.

From St. Paddy's day through to wherever they still dance around the Maypole, via Easter along the way, there are a lot of pre-Christian earth rebirth holidays that have taken on different trappings over the years. Today I'm nursing a head from too much Sake under a canopy of cherry blossoms yesterday afternoon and late into the evening. Almost Bacchanalian craziness with a whole range of foods. Most people beer and Sake and shochu (distilled liquor), but also a bit of wine there.

My family is scattered from Vietnam to North Carolina to Geneva at the moment, but since my mother is failing we'll be gathering in SoCal later this week. Perhaps we'll have a meal reprising Easters past at that time, but since there will be no way to cook our own meals on the proper scale (nor my mom playing the organ at local services), we'll likely end up at least once at a local German restaurant trying to cobble together something resembling that kind of meal--and in that event, the wine will likely be riesling. Another time at a French restaurant in Ojai, so some different whites and reds. Have to see the menu before knowing which ones, though Ojai Vineyard and Au Bon Climat will likely be in the mix. Might go crazy and chase down a Jonata, too...

Reply by zufrieden, Apr 4, 2010.

Well, take care, D.  Have a safe trip back home to California.

Reply by Carly Wray, Apr 4, 2010.

Happy Easter, all. As for me, I spent the day with grilled lamb, some cheerful El Coto Rioja and a handful of big, pretty Primitivos. A very lovely patio-drinking day here in Brooklyn.

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