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Hatzidakis SANTORINI Assyrtiko: A MUST Try!!!

Posted by grkwine, May 6, 2013.

SANTORINI: Hatzidakis Winery

Santorini Appellation of Origin of High Quality

Vintage: 2011

Varietal: 100% Assyrtiko

Type: Dry White Wine

The wine, Santorini, is made using the Assyrtiko grape, which is the most famous white Greek grape varietal. In some cases, this wine can appear as a blend of Aidani or Athiri, along with the Assyrtiko.

Vinification: There is direct separating of the must from the grapes, clarification and fermentation with selected dry yeasts at 18ºC. The duration of fermentation last 15 to 20 days, and additional contact with the non-active yeast for 40 days. Maturing takes place in a stainless steel tank.

Tasting Notes: Hatzidakis’ Santorini is a light yellow color with a soft golden shade, proving the good quality of the grape. The nose is pleasant, with strong fruity aromas. The mouth appears full, aromatic and the aftertaste has certain freshness to it. The wine also has a mineral flavor that can be associated with acidity, which is typical of most wines produced on the island.

Aging: 3 years



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