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Hello All!

Posted by WALATransplant, Feb 24, 2014.


   I am a Washington native who recently found herself transplanted to Southern Louisiana, after having lived on all of our nation's coasts.  Wine tasting is one of my hobbies, although I have found no where near my current home that has them, so I must go on a search...or perhaps start my own?  

  I find that I "prefer" reds...however, it seems to depend greatly upon my only disappointment is that I haven't found a Chardonnay that I like/enjoy, but I will continue my hunt! 

  My favorite tasting places are the vineyards in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, but aside from that I have found excellent tastings at wine shops, etc. 



Reply by EMark, Feb 24, 2014.

Welcome to the Forum, WT.  With luck, perhaps some Snoothers in LA will be able to give you guidance on where you can taste, or, better yet, be able to meet up with you to taste.

I also prefer red wines, but I certainly would encourage you to continue the Chardonnay quest.  I, personally, have found that you do have to spend a few dollars (30-40 of them) to taste better Chardonnays.  :-(   Unfortunately, most store shelves are filled with low-dollar or mid-priced Chardonnays that are not particularly memorable.  Also, consider white Burgundies -- Chablis, Pouille-Fuisse, Chassagne-Montrachet -- but, again, be prepared to spend some dollars for the better ones.

Reply by edwilley3, Feb 24, 2014.

I once was a Chard skeptic - at least that from the US - but more recently I have branched out and frankly expanded the price range. I've discovered delicious lightly oaked California offerings from around 18, more European influenced wines like Bell's Napa Chardonnay, lovely Domaine Serene from the PacNW, really beautiful examples from folks like Paul Hobbs and Martinelli (oh that Zio Tony Ranch), and decadent, super aromatic wines like those of Peter Michael and Aubert with an expressive elegance rivaling the best of France. The key was getting away from the more generic, larger scale wines that are most prominent in restaurants and grocery store wine sections. In generally, as EMARK points out, most of these are just not memorable. In fact, many are just plain old designed to be "accessible".  

If you keep an open mind and don't fail to be a little adventurous, you will find something you like. 

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