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Posted by thewineraconteur, Apr 30.

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My name is John Torosian and I call myself The Wine Raconteur and I have been writing since May 2012 at and I have since added Twitter and Instagram, while I feel that I am still in the learning curve for being a wine blogger, I have been enjoying wines since my high school days in the late Sixties in the lost wine lands of Detroit, which was always more of a beer or cocktail type of community.  My Bride has put up with me and my writings, which initially I did a daily article, just to get used to writing again, and now I have eased up to every other day. 

The conceit of my writing, if there is a conceit, is more of two people sitting at a table enjoying some wine and a friendly chat.  I have always been a raconteur, which is a lovely old word that is not used any more for a story teller.  I am not an authority, by any means, and I try not to brag or try to tell the world that I am a major influencer, I just like wine.  Depending on my story, I may not actually get to the wine until the third paragraph, because I think the moment is important to the session and I usually try to only discuss two wines at a time, because I like the concept of brevity.  


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