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Posted by lindakbe, Feb 26, 2013.


 I live in Pennsylvania, specifically, State College (home of Penn State University).  I grew up along lake Erie where wine grapes grow prolifically and Welch's has one of the largest grape juice producing plant. My family has visited Napa and Sonoma valleys. We also have enjoyed some of the wineries in New York state around the finger lake region. I would like to learn more about wines and how to serve them properly and with what foods. I am retired and would like to take up learning about wines as a hobby. Hopefully, you kind people that blog with Snooth and also the tips that I will receive from Snooth will help me achieve my goal. Linda\


Reply by EMark, Feb 26, 2013.

Welcome to Snooth, Linda.  It appears that my experience is the reverse of yours.  I enjoyed wines long before I retired.  I have to say, though, that retirement is the best hobby I've ever taken up.

I can pretty much guarantee that you have come to a great place to learn about wines.  We hope that you come to the Forum often.  We also hope that you ask questions.  There are several people here, who will enjoy sharing their knowledge.  However, reading our pontifications cannot replace your own experience.  So, go out and start experiencing.

If I may let me ask you a few questions.  What kinds of wines have you tried that you have enjoyed?  Often hearing your response to that question will generate conversation that will lead you to new wines.  The obverse of the first question is what wines have you tried that you did not like?  If you don't like bone-dry puckery red wines, there is no reason for anybody to get you to like them.  Although, sometimes we get sly about that.


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Feb 27, 2013.

Hello Linda and welcome to Snooth!

There's a lot to learn here, and a lot of sharing to take advantage of.

Welcome to the best, most frustrating, funnest hobby in the world!

Reply by amour, Feb 27, 2013.

Linda, that you chose Snooth is itself an impressive move on your part!  Congratulations!

Your rewards are sure to be most enjoyable.

To begin with, what a group of passionate wine lovers you have now become a part of!

And this site is very safe, in my opinion, and based on my years of experience on it.  Safety is a definite plus.

For my part, I absolutely adore French Wine and Gastronomy.

I particularly love pairing wine with foods....mainly small plates: foie gras, cheeses, quiche, salads etc.

I therefore hunt out Wine By The Glass spots and half bottles, and do share large bottles over meals with friends.

So much to suggest....but above all, follow the Forum and Search the Snooth is easy...

and also see how easy it is to purchase a wine here!

You could get a lot of background info by searching....simply put a topic of interest to you in the:

Search The Snooth Forum....hit Search... and Bingo!!

Are you able to get the Wines of Chile and Wines of Argentina in your area?

And do you entertain sometimes?

How about a Cheese and Wine Tasting and some tasting note slips...and a good you can bring it all back to Snooth!

I would be delighted to help you set it up.....(You could also do it as a small Charity Event for your favourite community cause.)

Cheers Linda....enjoy your wonderful exciting wine journey!

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