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Posted by carippee, Jul 19, 2014.


I have enjoyed wine for many years casually, but I now want to take it up a notch with and improve my palette and knowledge of wine. I enjoy wine tasting in the Sacramento region of California and prefer red wines, but whites are good too in the summer. Unfortunately I don't have very many friends who share my enthusiasm with wine, but I have a awesome husband who likes to take me tasting even if he doesn't enjoy the wine himself.


Reply by napagirl68, Jul 19, 2014.

Welcome, Carippee.

You must venture to El dorado and Amador, I assume. Welcome to snooth.  I am in the Eastern-most bay area, and have visited up in your neck of the woods.  Have you checked out Clarksburg (Delta area)?  I have not yet, but have been hearing good things.  What types of wine do you enjoy?

Reply by carippee, Jul 19, 2014.

Hi!  I have been tasting in Amador a few times last year, but lately I have been going to the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg as it is close by (and lots in wineries in one place so it saves on gas). I have somehow managed to be become a member of 3 wine clubs there over the last year. I have small children and it has been a great place to take the whole family for some of their events. I really like Zins and Sirahs right now, but truthfully there is rarely a wine I can't fine something to appreciate. Perhaps I don't discriminate enough :).

Reply by napagirl68, Jul 19, 2014.

Sounds great... I have not visited there yet.  What wineries do you like in Clarksburg?  I assume Zin and Syrah?  Do they have any nice whites there?  I like whites and roses, as well as lighter reds... for the most part.

Reply by carippee, Jul 19, 2014.

So far I have become a member at the Clarksburg Winery. They had a good Chenin Blanc which is one of the white wines I really like (and it is local and I like to support local business).  I then joined Draconis. They specialize in Zins and Syrah's. I tasted before I knew what they cost, about $30-50, which is more then I would normally spend unless it was a special occasion, but they were really good and the club membership had a good discount.   I tasted recently at Due Vigne which was good. They specialize in Italian style wines (according to the gentlemen who was helping me). It was good, but a little dryer then I usually love so I didn't join, but a I bought a bottle. I also joined Elevation 10. However, this was the last winery I tasted at and was pretty happy by then so don't really remember the wine that well. The person helping me was really nice and I look forward to the bottle I bought and the first shipment, but the jury is still out.

Reply by napagirl68, Jul 20, 2014.

Thank you for the details... I have not yet visited, but have been very interested in a trip.  Nice meeting you on this board!   Share any details about wines you like, and we can help you seek out new wines to try.. whoo hoo!

Reply by EMark, Jul 20, 2014.

Welcome to the Snooth Forum, Carippee.  We are pleased to have some more reports from the gold country.  Napagirl has done a good job of reporting from that are, and as you can see, you have already found turf that she hasn't visited.  

I am a red-wine-first fan (although I'm pretty sure a Chardonnay is in my future, tonight), and usually consider that wineries in the gold country/Sierra foothills tend to concentrate on red wines--mostly, to my observation, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, and, yes, Italian varieties.  My guess is the "Italian style wines" that are the specialites of the Due Vigne winery would be made from Sangiovese or Barbera grapes, possibly Nebbiolo or Aglianico.  Some of the best Barbera in California comes from this region

And by the way, I admire your support of local makers.  Please continue to share your experiences with their wines. 

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jul 26, 2014.

Welcome.  Nice to have a voice from California wine country outside the Napa/Sonoma corridor.  Please share your adventures.  I'm a big fan of Dancing Coyote in Clarksburg--the wines are good, the prices really reasonable, and they use grapes that are a little outside the California mainstream, like Albarino.  I also really like the wines of Easton/Domaine de la Terre Rouge (zin under the former label, Rhone grapes under the latter) up in Plymouth.  Very good wines and, again, reasonable prices.  I'm trying to plan a trip up that way to taste there and a few others like CG di Arie, Montevina, and the smaller wineries that don't publicize.  Lots of interesting terroir up that way, and wineries can take chances since the land isn't a million an acre.  Looking forward to more reports on your expanding wine knowledge.

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