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Posted by Melissa08, Jul 23, 2014.

Hi everyone!  I started posting last week asking for wine advice but now want to introduce myself.  I've been a wine lover for about 10 years and soon discovered I have a rather delicate palate.  I shy away from full-bodied reds like Cabs, Zins and Dolcettos and love Pinot Noirs.  I love whites like Vouvrays, Albarinos, Torrontes and Viogniers.  Also love sparklers like Riondo Prosecco and Pierre Gimonnet NV.  Luckily in Northern NJ, there are many well-stocked and reasonably priced wines.  Look forward to getting to know fellow Snoothers.


Reply by dvogler, Jul 23, 2014.

Welcome Melissa,

Unfortuantely, we're opposites, but that's OKAY!  It wouldn't be interesting if we all loved the same thing.

Eventually, I may start trying some whites!

Reply by EMark, Jul 24, 2014.

Welcome, Melissa.  We look forward to hearing about your wine adventures.  I regret to report that this board has a definite American west coast bias--several regulars from California, Washington and British Columbia.  So, it will be refreshing to hear reports from America's east coast.  Actually, there is one very respected contributor who recently moved out here from NYC.  While that sounds like a perfectly reasonble move to me, I suspect he is still debating its wisdom.  ;-)

It's getting darned hot here, lately.  So, while I am usually the big-mouth-filling-red-wine kind, refreshing whites and roses are hitting the spot.  I did open a Zin, last night.  Tonight, though, the plan is for Chardonnay (maybe California, maybe France) and a Provence rose.

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