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Posted by hxh5501, Jun 3, 2015.

Good day folks, my name is Howard


Reply by EMark, Jun 3, 2015.

Welcome, Howard.  Tell us a bit more about yourself.  Presumably, you took the time to register on Snooth because you enjoy wine and you would like to learn more about it.  That, pretty much, characterizes everybody on this board.  So, what wines are you enjoying?

Reply by hxh5501, Jun 3, 2015.

I am retired from the Canadian Navy after 20 years and have had the chance to travel, My favorite Wines are; Yarden from the Golan heights, the Merlot is awesome, the Hermon Red is good too, only three year shelf life. My Jackson Triggs Grand Reserve Shiraz is nice, I like the Pepper side to it. crappy wines belong in my steak marinate, hehe, I like Italian Massi,  Chateau French is great, I don't do screw caps and love Cellar wines, I am restarting my Wine cellar and don't know Ontario Wines but understand Screw caps are everywhere. I am a cork guy. If I can't age it I don't want it. I am open to suggestions. I drink only Red and not over dry wines.



Reply by EMark, Jun 3, 2015.

Howard, you are now our Ontario wines expert.  Most of the Canadians who pop up here tend to be from BC.  

I confess to being a California wine bigot.  So, I am completely unfamiliar with the wines you listed.  It's not clear to me where the Heron Red and the Jackson Triggs are from.  I am on the same page with you on using wines that I deem to be undrinkable as a vinegar substitute in marinades.  I guess I'm just too cheap to pour it down the drain.

I am a big fan of screw caps.  It appears that you are in the group that believes that wines under screw caps are not age-worthy.  I think that belief is fading.  In fact, the entire Australian wine industry would disagree with that assertion.  Rampant cork taint forced them to move to alternatative closures over 10 years ago.  That being said, I agree that there is a prejudice among U.S. consumers favoring corks.  They tend to associate corks with "better" wines and screw caps with "cheaper" wines.  Most wineries are willing to acknowledge that prejudice and not fight it.  The times are changing, though.  More and more California wineries are moving to screw caps.  Unfortunately (in my opinion), though, rather than committing screw caps for their entire production, many will release their lower-priced bottlings under screw cap and their higher-priced bottlings under cork.  A few weeks ago I visited Talley Vineyards in California's Central Coast.  Their wines that are made from estate grown fruit and give extended oak aging are released under cork with the "Talley" label.  Wines that are made from purchased fruit or that receive less oak aging are released under screw cap with the "Bishop's Peak" label.  Of course the prices on the "Talley" wines are substantially higher than the prices on the "Bishop's Peak" wines.  Big sigh.  This, of course, only reinforces the public's prejudice.

Reply by Really Big Al, Jun 3, 2015.

Good information EM.  I didn't realize it was such an issue with the screw caps.  I think we'll eventually get away from cork, but for some reason I still prefer cork.  I bet it's the quality of wines associated with screw caps that has me biased.  

Welcome to the wine forum Howard.  I am a retired electrical engineer and I am not a wine expert by any means.  I should note that my father was Canadian and served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII as a radar operator in Burma.  I was always impressed by that and it's too bad he passed only four years after retiring at age 65 (he was an electrical engineer too).  That's one reason I decided to make sure I retired early (55), so I would enjoy some of my retirement.

Reply by dvogler, Jun 3, 2015.

Welcome Howard,

I'm from Victoria.  Jackson Triggs has some okay stuff, but there's far better BC wine, but I know you can't get most of it in Ontario.  It's likewise for us, we don't get any of your good wine as most of it is sold before it can get to stores there. 

EMark is correct about the cork thing.  I love tradition and I love uncorking a bottle, but believe me, I've had some great wine and being under a screw cap is no longer frowned upon.  They can make the screw caps with membranes that can actually allow minute amounts of air through over time, or none at all.  If you like Masi, try the Ripasso or Amarone (2006 or 2008).


Reply by GregT, Jun 3, 2015.

What emark said Howard. There's actually been an increase in the use of cork in CA last year, but worldwide that's not the case. There's absolutely no reason a wine can't age better under a screwcap. It will be fresher and you will be less likely to find the bottle variation you find with corks, which are an example of 19th century technology that still holds some mystique for people in the 21st century, despite advances in virtually everything else connected with wine.


Reply by Uncork Ontario, Jun 4, 2015.

Hi Howard,

I'm a big fan/supporter of Ontario wines - would be happy to offer some great cellar selections for you. I run a Twitter chat on Ontario wine (#ONWineChat) and we had a discussion on cellar worthy Ontario wines not that long ago. I'll see if I can dig it out.

Reply by dvogler, Jun 5, 2015.

Well count me in Ontario.  We seldom have any of your stuff out here in BC, especially good stuff.

My wife is going to Niagara for the National Dragonboat Championships later this month and I've instructed her to find me a good bottle of Ontario red.  Blend is fine.  How familiar are you with BC stuff?  I could name a few that are ones I'd like her to find a similar Ontario wine.

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