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Hello Snooth! -- Abbazia di Novacella / Alto Adige

Posted by AbbaziaDiNovacella, Dec 15, 2012.

Hi everyone....I just finished uploading all our wines (and we have lots!) from Abbazia di Novacella.  Have you heard of these amazing wines??? and it is full of rich history too - a monastery in Alto Adige, Italy dating back to 1142 (yes, that's 870 years of history!).

I am trying to get a feeling of how Snooth works....has anyone tasted the wines and/or been to the winery??? Would love to know :-) We have the killer KERNER :-)

Happy Holidays and look forward to speaking with you -- 



Reply by EMark, Dec 15, 2012.

Becky, welcome to the Snooth Forum.  I'm not sure I can explain "how Snooth works."  Speaking for myself, I look at Snooth to meet people who, like me, enjoy wine and to learn from them.  The participants here on the Snooth Forum range from people who are just beginning to learn about wine to wine professionals.  I am not a professional, but I have been enjoying wine for over 40 years.  I regret to say that I am completely unfamiliar with Abbazia di Novacella, but I look forward to learning from you.  For starters, though, please come back and tell us about that picture in your introductory post.  That is magnificent.  Is that at the monastery?  If it is, I would guess that it does not date back to the 12th Century.  However, I have been wrong before.  So, it is nothing new if I am wrong again.

Reply by AbbaziaDiNovacella, Dec 16, 2012.

Hi Emark! -- YES!!! that magnificent picture I took during my last visit and YES! it is all dating back to 1142.

It is like something I've never seen before.  Check out the full website (in 3 languages - Alto Adige's native language is German, Italian of course because in Italy and English...for the rest of the folk who are not trilingual!)

We have had a presence in the USA for over 20 years but 2 years ago the winery made a new strategic decision to offer their wines in a different manner for the USA market. They now import the wines themselves into the US (not through a traditional wine importer who takes a good chunk of the margin).

This has allowed lower pricing and a dedicated US Sales Director (that's me ;-) managing the brand for them.  We have been able to expand our selections to the US market and now are present with both our Classic line (price range $20-$24) and our upper tier line Preapositus ($28-$49).

All our grapes are hand picked!!

Varietals include - Classic line:

Kerner, Sylvaner, Sauvignon, Gruner Veltliner, Gewurztraminer, Muller Thurgau, Pinot Grigio (hand picked!!!), Schiava, Lagrein, Pinot Nero, Zweigelt.

Preapositus line (Preapositus is latin for the "head of the bishops" ) -- better quality of hand selected grapes: --- several Tre Bicchieri Winners.

Kerner, Sylvaner, Riesling, Veltliner, Lagrein, Pinot Nero, Kerner Passito, Moscato Rosa

Below is the monastery's library! - there is actually a cleaning company that comes and "dusts" all the volumes of preserved books dating back to 1142! -- this is just 1 angle of the library -- it is all adorned in gold.





Reply by Michael C Butler, Dec 19, 2012.

Welcome to Snooth! Those are some amazing photos and really makes me want to visit now. 

There are many parts to the Snooth website. It will be difficult to view them all in one day, so take your time each day with exploring a different section. Above all, have fun!

Reply by AbbaziaDiNovacella, Dec 22, 2012.

thanks Michael! - you SHOULD stop by and visit sometime :-) Here's another shot for you.


Reply by jackwerickson, Dec 22, 2012.

Becky I am planning on visiting the area in late jan or early feb will be staying in Venice and will be taking some side trips would love to visit the winery can you give me some info 

Reply by AbbaziaDiNovacella, Dec 22, 2012.

HI Jack -- from Venice we are approx 1.5-2 hours north in the town called Varna. (larger town nearby is Bressanone and a larger one after that would be Bolzano -- where everything begins to turn "German".

It is a "tourist destination" even though it is still a functioning monastery -- info on guided tours is avail on the link below.  There is also a gift shop on premise where you can by our wines and other items from the region like herbal teas, creams, liquors, apples etc. 

As for sleeping there -- that part we can not accommodate - but there are however, many hotels and smaller places along the way and nearby that are super cute.  Hope this helps and let me know if you do end up going!

Reply by jackwerickson, Dec 28, 2012.

Have completed my reservations and will be in venice the first week of feb since this trip will all be by train can you advise me if the town is serviced by train thanks

Reply by AbbaziaDiNovacella, Dec 29, 2012.

Hi Jack -- let me check with the winery on travel logistics via train/bus. I've always had a car or someone has driven me. They will reopen on Jan 7th after all the holiday season! Will be back in touch then :-)

in the meantime -- HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Reply by rafferty, Dec 31, 2012.

Hi Becky. I' m in the USA at the moment visiting friends but I actually live in Dublin, Ireland. I have to say I have never come across your wines before. Have you any idea if they are available in Ireland? By the way that monastery  looks wonderful.

Have a very Happy New Year

Reply by AbbaziaDiNovacella, Jan 3, 2013.

Hi Rafferty -- Happy New Year and travels while here in the States!

I will let you know availability on our wines in Ireland as soon as the winery reopens after the holiday.

Jan 7th!.


Keep you posted! and thanks for checking us out...!!

Reply by jackwerickson, Jan 13, 2013.

Thanks for the info believe the winery is close to Bolzano which we will going thru and it also may be closer to Innsbruck than Venice 

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Jan 14, 2013.

Very close to Bolzano, and a lovely drive I might add. The wines are wonderful and the region is among the most spectacular in the world. Definitely worth a visit, and since you're right there stop in Brixen for Lunch, visit the awe-inspiring cathedral and take a walk by the river. You won't regret it!

Reply by duncan 906, Jan 16, 2013.

Looks very interesting indeed.Are your wines available in the UK?

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