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Hello Snooth! We run The MN Wine Club, come join us!

Posted by TheMNWineClub, Apr 19, 2015.

We run The MN Wine Club, we host 25 free events a year.

Our calendar can be found at

We are also on FB & Twitter,

Come join us!

Dennis & Ellen


Reply by dmcker, Apr 20, 2015.

I almost relegated this to the SPAM bin.

However, I figure since you might not know better that you might warrant a second chance.

Dennis & Ellen, don't just come in here and tell us nothing about yourselves and your involvement with wine but just leave a link, unclickable at that, to an offsite-site. Don't know how successful this technique is on other sites, but here I doubt you'll get many clicks. This kind of drive-by piggy-backing, slipstreaming technique is not likely to work well anywhere, is my guess, and likely leads to banning in many cases.

So instead, take the time to treat this Forum and its members with some respect. Tell us who you are, how you got involved with wine, what you like to do regarding it, and anything else that makes sense.

Will be interested to see if you take the time do to so.

Reply by TheMNWineClub, Apr 20, 2015.
Thanks for taking the time to write.
I have been on the net since the 70s when it wasn't open to the public & have had print & online publications & websites since the mid 90s.
I appreciate your input. I did the posting on the fly to a few sites we are new to and received 14 new members from it. At this point we don't know the quality of contacts, time will tell.
We find most our people we retain are: Drs, lawyers & business owners, many in the industry. Our wine club is a very minor thing we do but is fun. 
Good of luck to you... Thanks for the heads up.
Reply by dvogler, Apr 20, 2015.

I couldn't have said it better DM.  I almost denied it too, but thought I'd leave it to someone else, just in case.  Kind of a strange response.  No contrition whatever and even a little boast of successful spamming!

By the way, I make $20k/month working from home online.  Ask me how :)

Reply by EMark, Apr 20, 2015.

Dennis & Ellen, welcome to the Snooth Forum.  I'm sure that all the regulars here will agree that our interest or passion in wine is fun.  If you are able to reach more participants because of your presence, here, that is great.  As has been mentioned, above, though, it is only fair that you contribute the the Forum, also.

I did click on your link and I did see the schedule of events that you have in the near future.  I for one, living two time zones away and being very unlikely to be able to join you, would be happy to read reports on your tastings and winery visits.  There are not many people who think of Minnesota when we discuss wine regions.  So, reports on Minnesota wineries is of, at least, intellectual interest.  In the past, here on the Snooth Forum, I have been intrigued to learn about wineries in, for example, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia from locals in those areas.

Oh, and links to another site don't count.  If you can spend the time to compose a report, just copy it and paste it, here.

Now, keep in mind, we are also a bunch of egotistical jerks.  When you do report on a tasting of, say, Zinfandels, one or two of us will jump in and say something like,  "Yeah, those are OK, but it's a shame you could not taste Winston Wolfgang Weinmacher's 2010 Really Ancient Vineyard Dry-Farmed Double Reserve "Unobtainable" Zin that included 0.003% Carignan.   Last week, I tasted one of the 100 bottles that were produced, and it was amazing."

Yes, the last paragraph is a joke--mostly.

Reply by dmcker, Apr 20, 2015.

D&E you're not gaining friends here with that response, and obviously cynical in your approach to trolling (used in the fishing sense) for new links. Not an enlightened approach to even just dangling linkbait.

If you want to play in this forum you need to participate positively/constructively and show that you care about the community enough to respect it. Not what I took away from your second post. Beginning to regret I didn't ban you as a spammer if that's the best you have to offer.

All you need to do is talk to people here as you would in real life, at some other type of gathering. Not view them as faceless (though titled) numbers to be leveraged.

Reply by JonDerry, Apr 21, 2015.

Weak response D&E...though I didn't exactly expect anything.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Apr 21, 2015.

Been on the Internet since before it was public?  Color me impressed.  Seriously, I was playing rogue and doing my engineering homework on the Arpanet when I hadn't even a score of years under my belt.  So, um, what?  That makes it okay to spam folks?

And if you spend all your time with Drs, lawyers and people in the business... well, the last is small consolation for attracting the first two.  (Before your respond about my anti-lawyer attitudes, please do your homework.) 

Reply by dmcker, Apr 21, 2015.

Fox, since there was plenty to object to before that, I chose to let the Arpanet-ish allusion slide, though I did wonder which of several options he was pointing towards--ranging from DIALOG to BBSs to Bitnet and Listservs to (highly unlikely) that somewhat counter-cultural early online community starting in the Bay Area (wonder how many people will get this reference). Or, heavens forbid, if he was somehow talking about early AOL...  ;-( 

And by 'public' I assume he meant the transition via the first version of Mosaic to a GUI browser-based WWW interaction.

I also wondered if he (most likely a male posting) somehow felt himself superior, because of seemingly-unique esoteric info/experience possession, in all his social interactions. :-(


Hey, Fox, here you are giving yourself airs, lumping lawyers in with doctors!  ;-)

Reply by Richard Foxall, Apr 21, 2015.

Normally I'd leave the doctors out of it, but lately been dealing with some of the most galling aspects of the profession and its unwillingness to 1) accept responsibility and 2) acknowledge that the limits of doctors and the capabilities of intelligent people mean that doctors need to act as if their patients and patients' families deserve respect and honesty. 

The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL) is still around.  Stewart Brand, however, is mostly involved these days with a project to use genetic engineering to revive extinct species.  Of course, tho' that might now be technologcally possible in a sense, it ignores a more important development in genetics, which is the role of epigenetics in development.  Putting nuclear DNA from a T-Rex in the zygote of a related species will not actually "grow" a T-Rex in all likelihood.  It's the kind of thing that someone grandiose wants to believe, and part of Brand's incoherent philosophy.  From the beginning, he wanted to have counter-culture cred while being a popularizing entrepreneur.  Works for some of his acolytes, but the self-promotion and internal inconsistency (with no acknowledgment of it) always turned me off.  Pragmatism of the sort I embrace might wind up in the same spot, but it's, to my mind, a minor similarity and the approach of pragmatism is a lot more honest. 

Now how's that for thread hijacking!

Reply by dmcker, Apr 21, 2015.

Dude, you're going to have to try harder. Where are the sharks and the seagulls? At least post some cool photos (though a photo of the first Whole Earth Catalog might not be too exciting).

You were the only one I was willing to bet on as getting The WELL reference.

Commiserations on the doctors. Have had similar issues over here, with hidebound cultural factors thrown into the mix, though I seem to have beaten the relevant ones into grudging submission....

Reply by Richard Foxall, Apr 21, 2015.

Somehow, seems wrong... or, maybe, sadly right.  In any case, I associate the cover of the Whole Earth Catalog with my college bathroom.  Make of that what you will.

Last week we had a friend of my wife's over for dinner whose job title is (I kid you not) music impresario.  Wife met him at Omega, the East Coast equivalent of Esalen.  Amid stories of Van Morrison, Phil Jackson, and others, we drank a lot of good wine.  We didn't get around to Stewart, et al,, but that vibe was in the air. Living in the Bay Area in the '80s, the Well was a pretty constant presence.  But then again, so was Herb Caen. 

Reply by dvogler, Apr 22, 2015.

I found a picture of our Wine Club fellow.

Reply by TheMNWineClub, Jun 29, 2015.

Interesting Forum, glad to see newbees are treated so nicely, we have found other places where we were much better received. Best of luck to you all.... and yes the net, not the web, was very healthy in the 70s.


Reply by dvogler, Jun 30, 2015.


You aren't really a "newbie".  I'm willing to bet you really had no intention of spending time here other than to plug your club.  Simply my opinion.  Not disparaging your business, I wish you well.  This forum just isn't the place for promoting it. 

Reply by GregT, Jun 30, 2015.

Wow. I wasn't going to comment but they come back after two or three months to tell us they were better received elsewhere?

I can't imagine where. Pretty douchy all in all. Dmucker offered them a sincere response and welcome.

And as far as the Arpanet and prior - I remember my brother calling me in a fit of rage because someone had advertised his business on the network. Spam and drive-by FU posts hadn't been dreamed of. And I wonder what any of this has to do with wine?


Reply by dmcker, Jun 30, 2015.

",,,we have found other places where we were much better received. Best of luck to you all.... and yes the net, not the web, was very healthy in the 70s."

Would be curious just what those places were since the sincerity ranking here on a scale of 1~10 was down below two. 

Anyone involved from early on in creation of what became the Internet and the Web and e-commerce and Web 2.0 and mobile etc., etc. would probably not call the Net in the '70s 'very healthy'. It was a nascent beast, stunted though growing through several painful twists and turns.  Sounds like someone may have had the need to feed a self-image's coolness factor by considering themselves a member of the digerati before that term was ever employed, though likely only as a user who found some leverage through application of money (Nexus/Lexus anyone? MCIMail or ATTMail??) or in some small, seemingly exclusive discussion group. Not a creator or engineer or someone socially entrepreneurish who helped leverage truly distributed computing power to ever larger groups of people who then could apply their previously unknown powers of creativity to new (and cheap) communication modes and content on a significant scale (including, unfortunately, varyingly egregious spamming). Unless, of course, he worked for Microsoft, that is.  ;-(

But hey, whatever makes you feel good about yourself...

Reply by TheMNWineClub, Jul 6, 2015.

Hey I'm a publisher ANYONE can say something is number 1. And there are so many types of number 1s. Number of posts or logon's I guess is ONE way to rate one. But just like hit counts, all those can be faked. 

As far as advertising our BUSINESS, we have run events for over four years and never charged anyone 1c. We have a club to meet people and enjoy wine.

Again, we found other venues where newbees are better received.

Have a day!

Reply by dvogler, Jul 6, 2015.

That's great that you organize these events and especially that they're free.  It's unlikely that many of the regulars here would ever go to Minnesota for the event, but now at least we know there ARE events there.  Just like it's unlikely you will come to British Columbia for a wine event.  However, if you ever do come to Victoria, I'd be happy to share a nice bottle of wine with you because we both like to meet people and enjoy wine.  No sarcasm.

You have a day too!

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