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Help finding a wine brand.

Posted by castle, Jan 3, 2010.

Back in the 1970's I fell in love with a lambrusco made by " Castle Rubon ".
It had a gold colored lable and used to be sold in our NH state liquor stores.
Unfortunately, they had a bad season, and their lambrusco went from
unbelievably delicious to yuck. The brand got dropped from our liquor stores,
and never returned. Recently I decided to try to find it on the internet, but I can't find it, leaving me to believe that the brand must have gone out of business. I would really appreciate any information anyone could give me about it. Also, it had a wonderfull fruity favor almost like drinking grape juice, but it was definately a wine. Of the current lambrusco labels, if anyone can suggest one that might be similar I would really appreciate it ! Thanks !


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