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Honeymoon in Italy: Oct 2010

Posted by culp32, Apr 20, 2010.

Hi everyone - we are heading to Italy in mid October for our honeymoon.  Of course, our focus will be on the wines. ;)

Any recommendations on regions, wineries, routes, etc?   We will be going for two weeks and right now the plans include the Amalfi Coast, Umbria, and Piedmont.  However, nothing has been booked yet so we are open to any and all ideas.  We really want to make the most of our trip and experience the real Italy as much as possible.  Our favorite wines are reds (Barolos).

Thanks - looking forward to hearing your ideas!


Reply by joyce53024, Apr 24, 2010.

I'd  skip the Amalfi Coast and go to Tuscany !instead, especially Montalcino, where I live, if you love red wine. It's one of the wine towns of the world and some of the most spectacular wine countryside anywhere.  Then head south down to the Maremma if you're looking for a more genuine Italian experience. The biggest traffic holdup you'll find is when your car is surrounded by sheep crossing the road! The sulfur hot springs in Saturnia at dawn is more than worth getting out of bed for and you won't have much company.

In Umbria, don't miss Montefalco- great little town. Prices are lower than in much of Tuscany too. Sagrantino is the famous red wine from that region and the red Passito is not to be missed.

I'd probably fly into Milan, rent a car, go to Alba or Barolo to stay for the Piemonte region, then head south to Tuscany and fly out of Rome. From southern Tuscany, you're just two hours down the coast to Fiumicino airport in Rome.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and let me know if I can help any further.


Reply by culp32, Apr 24, 2010.

Thanks so much for your recommendations.  We will definitely look into Montalcino, Maremma, Saturnia, and Montefalco.   They all sound amazing.  Just curious, why do you suggest we skip the Amalfi Coast? 

Thanks again!

Reply by Wines Travel, Apr 29, 2010.

Contact me in direct. I lived in Barolo for almost two years before returning to Burgundy.


Reply by linnet, May 13, 2010.

After several trips to Italy, figured out a route to get to all major spots while save time on the road, Rome location can be bit of headache when touring the country:

Fly into Rome, then travel northernly Umbria, Tuscany, Florence - enjoy those Chianti Classico and Brunellos, then travel to Venice. After having good portion of Amarone, take domestic flight to south Italy Naples, close to Amalfi/Sorrento.   

While in Amalfi region, would suggest to stay at Ravello, beautiful little town and not so crowded as Amalfi or Positano.  And when ready to leave, fly from Naples straight to Milan and then hit Piemont! For finding vintage Barolo, the wine shop at La Morra is good spot.


Reply by smmiller4, May 25, 2010.

Hi congratulations on your nuptials. My wife and I spent 6 days in Tuscany. 2 days in Florence, 1 In Siena, 2 in Montalcino, and 2 in Montepulciano. I would recommend a tour guide so you do not have to worry about drinking and driving. Also, the guide can find and set up tours of the vineyards for you.I would strongly recommend Giorgio  Dell Artino. His web site is Reasonable prices and does a great job. make sure you ask for Giorgio as your tour guide

Reply by dmcker, May 25, 2010.

There are other things on honeymoons than primarily wine, of course. In October you'll be at the very end of the season, with several hotels already closed, and the crowds way down, though the weather should still be warm enough for swimming. So stick to your Amalfi (or Positano or Capri or Ravello) part of the itinerary. That coastline and the Thyrrhenian Sea are shockingly beautiful, whether viewed from the beach or the hills above. Some good, refreshing whites there, too, (check the recent thread on Falanghina), as well as reds from Campania and further south, too. A night in Naples on your way either to or from Amalfi could also be tasty and fun.

That does sound like a lot of travel for two weeks, especially on honeymoon. So my recommendation goes for only two, and at the very most three locations. My choice would be the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany, with the third, if necessary, being the Piedmont for its wine, especially barolo and barbaresco, but ending on the nearby coast at either Portofino or Cinque Terra on the Ligurian Sea (otherwise known as the Italian Riviera). Now that would be a honeymoon to remember!  Also well doable by train and the occasional hired car, rather than the hassle of trying to drive it all. Umbria can wait for when you're a little older, and even tied down with kids... ;-)

Reply by madmanny, May 28, 2010.

Check out "la Villa" in Mombaruzzo (piemonte) as a great place to stay for a honeymoon.  Look them up on Travel Advisor and see the write ups.  One of the great customer service experiences (beyond the romantic setting) you'll find.  Nice central location for visiting Barolo and Barbaresco.  (If in Barbaresco, try the truffle dinner at Antine's) next door to Gaja.  Should be available in October.)


Reply by rastro3, May 28, 2010.

We toured Italy for 6+ weeks in the summer of 2008 with our three young children.  We stayed almost exclusively at agriturismos and small, unique hotels.  Like you, we wanted to experience the authentic Italy, not just the tourist attractions.  We stayed in or near small towns, ate at local restaurants off the beaten track, and spent a lot of time just living la dolce vita.  For just a two-week trip, I concur with dmcker -- definitely check out the Amalfi Coast (we stayed at both Positano and Capri), Tuscany and Cinque Terre.  Consider flying into and out of Nice and spending a couple of days there (we stayed in a rental home in Eze -- wow!).  If you're interested in checking out our travel blog of that trip, you can email me at and I'll send you the link.  Happy honeymooning!

Reply by bropaul, May 28, 2010.

If you like barolos, why not just go to Piedmont for your honeymoon? In addition to barolo, you have asti spumante, barbaresco,barbera, arneis to explore.You are also likely to encounter lots of "sagre" or festivals celebrating local foods. Depending when in October, you might catch the beginning of truffle season.

Reply by culp32, Jun 3, 2010.

Thanks everyone!   These are great ideas and I appreciate you all taking the time to write us back.  So our flights are booked and our new route is to fly into Milan and begin in the Piedmont region.  After 3-4 nights there, we will move on to Cinque Terre and then Tuscany or Umbria for the rest of the trip.  Eventually flying out of Rome.  Unfortunately the Amalfi Coast will have to wait for another vacation!  Thanks for the tips on tour guides, wineries, and restaurants. They're all on my list of things to check out.  4 months to go - can't wait! 

Reply by MReff, Jun 3, 2010.

Cinque Terre is amazing.  Local fish is the speciality and they actually have vineyards on the hillside.  In tuscany we stayed in Arezzo, and journeyed to Montalcino, Siena, and Florence.  A great time

Reply by winewizard1, Jun 4, 2010.

Try Perlage Wines!!!!   Organic Baby!

Reply by dalluva, Jun 13, 2010.

You've picked one of my favorite itineraries; I think you two will be quite happy and will experience some fabulous wines along your journey. I am an importer of Italian wines and I travel to Italy 4-6 times a year, and have built up a list of my favorite places over the years.  Here are a few recommendations (none of these are affiliated with my business), and there are more on my blog:

In Piemonte you will have no shortage of enotecas and wine producers to visit.  For towns, I recommend staying in Barbaresco or nearby Neive as a home base for exploring the region.  For lunch or dinner, check out La Cantina del Rondo in Neive -- they have wonderful Piemontesi food and a beautiful wine list. They're at via Fausoni #7. You need to make a reservation, have your hotel do it or call them while you're there at +39.0173.679.808 .

If you can make it to Bra, about 30km west of Alba (think truffles!), you should check out the home of Slow Food and taste the amazing food and wines served at Boccondivino.  You'll love it.  They're at via Mendicita Istruita #14, and tele is +39.0172.425.674.

Along the Cinque Terre, taste the various small-production white wines from the region, and try some from the Colli di Luni (one of my favorites: Lunae). Once you go and see the vineyards along the terraces, you'll understand why the production is so small.  Try the white and red wines of Cheo, Bartolomeo makes about 1000 bottles of each and they are very nice.  The place to stay for a newly wed couple is the B&B of Giuliano and Michele Basso. Search for it on google or tripadvisor under "Camere Basso".  Michele is from San Francisco and married Giuliano some 10 years ago, and the couple are the most gracious B&B owners in Vernazza. It's best to email her for a reservation. Be sure to eat the muscoli ripiene, stuff mussels, while you're there. My favorite restaurant on the Vernazza breakwater is Il Capitano

I could go on and on, but I want you to find your own discoveries. :-)  If you want more tips on wine travel in Italy, see my blog

Best wishes to you two. 

Ciao.  Michael

Reply by hretvik, Jun 25, 2010.

Rome is fantastic in October, so I hope you will dedicate some days there as well, not only flying out from there.  If you would like to end your honeymoon tasting wines in the sunset on your own panoramic terraces, I'll make sure you'll find a lovely bottle - chosen by my expert Claudio - waiting for you in my Penthouse Apartment (

My best wishes for you both and arrivederci a Roma!


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